Comprima Variable Chamber Round Balers


Uncompromising stability for great flexibility and continuous use under tough conditions are the distinguishing features of the KRONE Comprima V and CV. They allow operators to set bale diameters steplessly from 1.00 m to maximum 2.05 m to suit different crops, conditions and customer requirements.

Every day, a Comprima has to deal with fast road travel, uneven ground, yielding grounds, and manoeuvring in narrow spaces. With two different trailer variants, single or tandem axle, compressed air brake system or hydraulic brake and various types of tyres, all KRONE Comprima models can be perfectly equipped for all conditions.

The EasyFlow pick-up pivots sideways and is known as the pick-up that clears the field effectively even in the most difficult conditions and at high work rates. More than that, its rugged build with very few moving parts gives an exceptionally dependable performance.

The feed rotor and the cutting rotor of the XCut cutting unit are characterized by high throughput, smooth running and high reliability. Furthermore, XCut stands for excellent cutting quality.

The NovoGrip is an endless slat conveyor that is made up of rubber fabric belts that turn the crops into high-density and well-shaped bales. NovoGrip offers ultimate strength and longevity and forms perfect bales from the heaviest silage.

Krone Comprima Variable Chamber Round Balers

Main Specifications

  • Bale size: 1.0-1.8x1.2m
  • XCut rotor cutter optional (standard on V210XC)
  • 51-81kW (70-110hp) tractor power requirement
  • Pick-up width: 2.15m
  • Netwrap standard; film or quad twine optional
  • Single axle standard; tandom optional (tandom standard on CV150XC)
  • Features

    KroneComprima Variable Chamber Round Balers 2
    The variable round balers Comprima VThe Comprima V 150 (XC), V 180 (XC) and V 210 XC with variable bale chamber allow operators to enter the required bale diameter to the operator terminal from the comfort of the seat. The diameters can be set steplessly from 1.00 m to 1.50 m, to 1.80 m or 2.05 m. This way you are set to handle all crops and conditions. Smaller bale sizes are often preferred in grass silage whereas larger bales are more typical in hay and straw. Depending on the crop, the baling density in the core of the bale can be reduced, which is perfect for ventilating hay bales.
    The variable combination baler and wrapper Comprima CVThe Comprima CV 150 XC has a powerful double wrapper. The wrapping table forms a deep cradle and has large guide rollers on the sides to ensure the bale is consistently rolled during the wrapping process even when the conditions are more than difficult. The Comprima CV 150 XC table can also be used for unloading the bales in pairs when no wrapping takes place.
    The variable bale chamberThe variable bale chamber of the Comprima V and CV rolls bales with a steplessly adjustable diameter of 1.00 m to 1.50 m, 1.80 m or 2.05 m. The desired bale size is set at the operating terminal in the tractor cabin. Further customisable parameters are the baling pressure and the core density. These are set on a hydraulic pressure control valve or electrically as an option. The pressure increases as the bale grows in diameter, which leads to particularly uniform densities.
    The baling principle on the variable chamberThe variable bale chamber is made up of two slat and belt conveyors. These form the bale as it grows to its preset diameter. Combined with springs and hydraulic cylinders, the double rocker in front and the tensioning arm in the rear generate a baling pressure which increases progressively as the bale diameter is growing. This technology produces an exceptionally high density.
    The hitch ringComprima has a standard 40 mm hitch ring for bottomor top-mount attachment. A notch system adjusts the drawbar quickly to the required attachment height. In addition to this, there is a choice of three further hitch options that meet specific needs in specific countries.
    The EasyFlow pick-upWith its working width of 2.15 m (pursuant to DIN 11220), the EasyFlow pick-up is a very powerful machine. It gathers wide swaths effi ciently and feeds the material in an extremely consistent fl ow to the feed rotor. Thanks to the generous width it is not necessary to travel through very tight turns while the machine is baling. More than that, the pivoting and spring-loaded EasyFlow provides perfect ground contouring even in very rough terrain.
    Better off without a cam trackKRONE has good reasons to opt against cam track control for the EasyFlow pick-up tines. Instead of using many moving parts that are prone to wear, KRONE prefers special strippers that ensure the angle and length of the tines is always correct.
    The cutting rotorFeaturing three rows of tines and a massive 53 cm diameter, the powerful XCut rotor has the capacity to provide consistent crop flows and precision cuts while spreading the material across the full width of the feed chamber, which is essential for forming firm edges.
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