Cenius mounted cultivator


The 3-stagger Cenius mounted cultivator in working widths of 3 m to 4 m can be operated from shallow stubble tillage down to topsoil deep loosening. Due to the wide-ranging share and roller programme, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions.

Amazone Cenius mounted cultivator

Main Specifications

  • Infinitely-variable mechanical depth adjustment
  • Optional hydraulic depth adjustment – for the comfortable setting from the cab with a clear, easily-visible scale
  • Easy stepless adjustment of the levelling segment via two spindles – without having to step onto the machine
  • Optional hydraulic depth adjustment of the levelling segment – for the comfortable optimisation from the cab with clear, easily-visible scale
  • Soil tillage and the sowing of catch crops in just one pass with the aid of the optional GreenDrill seeder box
  • Features

    Amazone Cenius mounted cultivator 2
    Top benefits of the Cenius cultivatorsWide range of C-Mix shares – a suitable share for any working depth and any application
    Easy and quick share change thanks to the C-Mix Clip quick change system
    Consistent depth control even under the most arduous of conditions, made possible by the high release forces of the overload protection system on the C-Mix Special and C-Mix Super tines
    A wide range of levelling tools ensure the optimum levelling under all conditions
    Particularly easy to pull and fuel saving yet with a very good loosening and mixing effect thanks to the optimum tine arrangement and tine angling
    Following rollers for any location ensure an optimum reconsolidation
    C-Mix Special tines with shear bolt overload safety deviceThe C-Mix Special tine with its shear bolt overload safety device is the ideal and cost effective alternative for light and medium light soils without stones. Thanks to the low weight of the C-Mix tine, these are especially suitable for operation behind tractors with less lift capacity.
    C-Mix Super tines with 600 kg pressure spring overload safety deviceTogether with the overload safety device, the C-Mix Super tine provides the perfect operational performance even when top soil deep loosening. The release force of the pressure spring overload safety device of the C-Mix Super tine exceeds 600 kg and features a lift potential of 30 cm. If this large lifting space of 30 cm is not sufficient, the C-Mix Super tine offers additional safety via a shear bolt. In this way an efficient and constant operation is possible even under the most of arduous of conditions.
    The heart of the cultivator:
    The shares C-Mix share system
    The separation of guide plate from the share tip above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share tips can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement. With the proven C-Mix share system AMAZONE offers a wide range of soil-engaging shares.
    Levelling and crumbling Top-class levelling of the worked soil horizon is the basic requirement for an even reconsolidation. This is why, mounted behind the tine rows, an additional levelling system is attached. Available here is a choice of spring steel closers or smooth and serrated levelling discs. To ensure a clean matching to the next bout, the side discs and outer spring steel closers are adjustable in their height and angle.
    Loosening and mixingThe 3-stagger and 4-stagger layout of the tines in the main frame ensure an intensive and optimum incorporation of straw residues in the top soil. Thanks to the narrow row spacings of less than 30 cm, dry, hard topsoil is worked across the full area. At the same time, the spacious tine to tine spacings and the huge frame height of 80 cm provide a high material passage and ensure the highest operational reliability.
    Reliable disc bearingsThe individual concave discs are mounted via rubber spring elements and thus feature a maintenance-free overload safety device. The bearings of the discs are, of course, maintenance-free.
    Optimum reconsolidationDepending on the kind of soil, the range of following rollers are designed to provide intensive crumbling and reconsolidation. Changing rollers just requires a pair of brackets to be loosened. The large distance between discs and following roller ensures that the soil settles again and can be perfectly reconsolidated by the following roller.
    Catch crop sowing and soil tillage in one operational pass AMAZONE offers the GreenDrill catch crop seeder box so that catch crops can be applied directly or together with the soil tillage operation. It can be combined with the Catros, CatrosXL and Certos compact disc harrows as well as the Cenius mulch cultivator, the KG rotary cultivator or the KE rotary harrow. The seed is distributed evenly by the spreader plates. The GreenDrill seed hopper holds 200 l or alternatively 500 l and is easily accessed via the loading steps provided. In the metering system below the seed hopper, a seed shaft is fitted with normal or fine seed wheels depending on the seed type and desired application rate. The drive to the seed shaft is electric and that of the blower fan either electric or hydraulic. The top benefits Sowing catch crops and fine seeds simultaneously with stubble cultivation or soil tillage Various different metering rolls are available Wide distribution via baffle plates Easily accessible via access steps Modern in-cab operating terminal computer in two levels of equipment Less information -
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