CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow


The mounted CombiDisc compact disc harrow in its 3 m working width is ideally suited to high forward speeds, especially when sowing with a harrow-mounted seed drill. With working depths of 3 cm to 8 cm, an optimum seedbed is created. The wide roller programme offers, for any soil type, the most suitable roller for the optimum reconsolidation.

Amazone CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow

Main Specifications

  • Easy to pull with operational speeds up to 15 km/h
  • Cost effective alternative to the rotary harrow on light soils
  • Short, compact and light design – also suitable for smaller tractors
  • Simple soil tillage from 3 cm to 8 cm working depth for the optimum seedbed preparation
  • Maintenance-free disc bearings with slide seals and life-long lubrication
  • Maintenance-free stone safety protection via rubber sprung buffer blocks
  • Disc suspension in pairs – for optimised contour following and excellent through passage
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment is available
  • Very easy, quick and tool-less change of the soil tillage implement thanks to the QuickLink quick coupling system
  • Features

    Amazone CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow 2
    High outputThe 24 serrated discs, each with a diameter of 410 mm, provide an intensive soil tillage. Working depths of 3 cm to 8 cm are possible with the CombiDisc. Thanks to its ease of pulling, working speeds of up to 15 km/h are possible. Especially on light soil types, the CombiDisc is an efficient and good alternative to the rotary harrow.
    CombiDisc discs – extremely shallow, extremely easy to pullThe 410 mm diameter discs of the CombiDisc are the ideal solution for the extremely shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Due to the small disc diameter, a high disc revolution speed is achieved ensuring a very good crumbling effect. Especially on light to medium soils, the CombiDisc, in combination with a harrow-mounted seed drill, ensures the optimum seedbed.
    No lubrication ever again – thanks to the maintenance-free disc bearingsWith no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. Face seals have been used for decades in road construction equipment where the rollers on the running gear of caterpillar-tracked vehicles have to be effectively sealed and continue to work absolutely reliably under the toughest of operational conditions.
    Reliable disc suspensionSteeply angled discs for optimum seedbed preparation The double-row disc harrow unit loosens, crumbles and levels the seedbed before seed placement. The discs of the CombiDisc are aggressively angled, 14° at the front disc row and 12° at the rear disc row. This angle ensures the optimum levelling of the seedbed. In conservation tillage, additionally, the straw near the surface is further distributed and mixed. In this case the disc position ensures the perfect flow of the soil-straw mixture from the first to the second disc row and results in good mixing.
    Perfect – for optimum soil contour followingThanks to the disc suspension in pairs via elastic rubber sprung buffer blocks on the frame, the each double set of discs is able to follow the ground contours individually. In this way, a very consistent, shallow soil tillage can be carried out even with undulations in the soil surface. The suspension of the discs at the same time allows the optimum through passage of large amounts of organic matter.
    Reliable and absolutely maintenance-free!The elastic rubber sprung buffer blocks suspending the discs not only serve as an optimum matching to the ground contours but also act as an overload safety device for the individual pairs of discs. The oversized rubber buffers are maintenance-free and are characterised by a large spring deflection providing safety even where large stones prevail.
    Adjustable discs in the wheel track and at the sidesThe CombiDisc features disc arrying arm in the wheel track and at the sides that are individually adjustable in their height to ensure an optimum cultivation and a consistent seedbed even in the tractor tracks and at the outer edges.
    Telescopic side platesThe telescopic side plates ensure the perfect bout to bout matching and can, for road transport, be put into the transport position quickly, simply and without tools.
    Mechanical depth adjustmentVia the stepless mechanical depth adjustment, the CombiDisc can be matched very quickly and simply to the relevant application. With the mounted compact disc harrow you only need to operate as deep as necessary – thus saving fuel.
    Hydraulic depth adjustmentIn addition, a comfortable hydraulic working depth adjustment is available enabling the easy and precise setting from the tractor cab. The large, easily-visible scale provides orientation. Allowing operation in the field to be as shallow as necessary and yet conveniently deeper on the headland and in any wheel tracks.
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