D9 mounted seed drill


Unbeatably successful. The classic seed drill.

The D9 mounted seed drill can be used on its own or in combination with a compatible soil tillage machine during plough sowing or mulch sowing. With working widths of 2.5 m to 4 m, the D9 mounted seed drills are suitable for smaller and medium-sized operations. The D9 can either be equipped with the WS Suffolk coulter or the RoTeC Control single disc coulter.

Amazone D9 mounted seed drill

Main Specifications

  • A light and compact seed drill, which can also be used solo
  • Centralised, infinitely adjustable coulter adjustment, either mechanically or hydraulically
  • Perfect depth control of the RoTeC Control single disc coulters by the self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs or the Control 25 depth guidance rollers
  • Well-cleared seed furrow thanks to a reliable furrow former
  • Good coverage of the seed with soil by the Exact harrow – even when mulch sowing!
  • Easy accessibility of the seed hopper via the safe loading board
  • Ideal closure of the seed hopper via the dust-proof lid
  • Features

    Amazone D9 mounted seed drill 2
    The "Liftpack" system for the D9 mounted seed drillThe AMAZONE "Liftpack" system allows the D9 mounted seed drill to be combined with a soil tillage system. With this combination, seedbed preparation and sowing is done in a single pass. Setup is carried out without the need for any tools, in a few simple steps.
    D9 SpecialThe D9 Special comes in working widths of 2.5 m and 3 m. This cost-effective mounted seed drill is an attractive starter model built to the AMAZONE quality standard. This means: No compromises when it comes to dosing accuracy and seed embedding. The container sizes for the 3 m wide D9 Special range from 450 l to 850 l.
    D9 SuperThe D9 Super comes in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m. In combination with the KR trailed carrier system, the D9 Super can even achieve working widths of 9 m and 12 m. The hopper sizes of the 3 m wide D9 Super range from 600 l to a maximum of 1,000 l. The coulter pressure adjustment of the D9 Super is always hydraulic.
    D9-60 Super The D9-60 Super with a working width of 6 m consists of two 3-metre seed drills that are attached to a coupling frame with large rubber wheels. This results in a large area seed drill at a favourable price. On light soils with little carrying capacity, it is also possible to mount four wheels instead of the two large rubber wheels. The compact construction allows it to be used as a three-point linkage solo machine with tractors of around 130 kW (180 hp).
    Seed hopperThe large seed hopper has a robust cover flap with rubber seals to keep out the dust and rain. The cover is particularly easy to operate, as it has a tubular handle and a gas-pressure cylinder. The seed hoppers and attachments of various sizes can be used to vary the tank capacity from 450 l to 1,000 l at a working width of 3 m.
    Comfortable fillingAn especially-wide loading board, accessible via folding rear steps, simplifies the filling of the seed drill. The very spacious fill opening dimensions allows the quick and convenient filling process – not only from big bags and front end loader buckets but also from sacks.
    Hopper dividersOptionally available dividers keep the seed from sliding around in hilly terrain.
    Track markers for D9 The variant with track markers directly on the soil tillage system is recommended if the D9 mounted seed drill is to be frequently used on its own. When the track markers are switched over, the tramline controls continue to operate, in order to create tramlines at the desired speed. For the D9 Super, the track markers are additionally protected against damage by shear pins.
    KR 9002 and KR 12002 coupling frame trailed carrier systemsA total working width of 9 m or 12 m can be achieved with the use of three D9 mounted seed drills in the AMAZONE KR mounted carrier system coupling frame. Each individual machine has its own chassis and can thus flexibly adjust, even to extremely uneven ground. The coupling frame is pulled by tractors of the 180 kW (240 hp) class. The three seed drills also come with “Liftpack” systems for transport and for turning at the edge of the field. The very stable track marker marks a track for the centre of the tractor and is folded vertically when switching over.
    The central seed drill is equipped with tramline controls to create tramlines at intervals of 12 m, 24 m or 36 m. The side-mounted machines are folded in during transport. When folded in, the transport width is approximately 6 m. A total of just two hydraulic control valves are required for the tractor. The three D9 Supers can also be individually used.
    arioControl – Correctly metered, your seed is worth its weight in gold!Dosing has been further optimised with regard to throughput characteristics and longitudinal division. This is achieved by a combination of the 80 mm diameter Control seed wheels working in conjunction with the newly designed bottom flap and metering housing. The large diameter of the toothed seed wheels means that the seed is singled in the metering system for a longer period. An even drive to the seed wheel is ensured by the stepless Vario-gearbox.
    The Vario gearbox – infinitely adjustable Seed rates from 400 kg to just 1.5 kg per hectare can be metered with the highest precision via the infinitely variable, smooth-running Vario gearbox. It goes without saying that all seed types, from rape, gras and cereals to peas and beans are also metered with the same degree of accuracy. The Vario-gearbox is maintenance-free and easy to operate. The agitator can be disabled by pulling out a spring cotter for planting rape seed. The machine can easily be prepared for calibration.
    "Control" seed wheelsThe combination of fine seed wheel (orange) and normal seed wheel (green) allows the application of seed rates from 1.5 kg/ha to 400 kg/ha without a seed wheel change. The conversion is done with just a few pins.
    RoTeC Control coulter – The universally-usable single disc coulterGoes right up to the limit of practical operation and placement: RoTeC Control coulters are maintenance-free and work extremely well yet with little wear and tear. Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won’t block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed control. The elastic polyurethane disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately controls the pre-set sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.
    Drag tine harrow – The robust and cost-effective alternativeThe drag tine harrow is primarily used with WS coulters. If the soil has little or no straw, this is a cost-effective and soil-preserving alternative. The harrow attachment has an integrated reverse lock, which protects the harrow from damage if the machine should inadvertently roll back.
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