UF 01 mounted sprayer


The compact UF 01 mounted crop protection sprayer with a tank capacity from 900 l to 1,200 l is characterised by its sturdy construction and lightweight design. With the Q-plus, Super-S1 and Super-S2 boom in working widths from 12 to 30 m, the UF is an extremely high output sprayer.

Amazone UF 01 mounted sprayer

Main Specifications

  • Robust construction yet lightweight design
  • Light and smooth polyethylene spray agent tank with favourable centre of gravity
  • Sprayer boom in super light, super strong and super compact profile design
  • Outstanding boom suspension for an exceptional boom ride
  • Maintenance-friendly self-priming piston diaphragm pump which can run dry
  • Induction bowl with Power-Injector for quick, reliable and precise chemical fill
  • AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching – 50 cm part-width section control available as a special option
  • With the FT front tank, tank capacity can be increased up to 2,800 litres – for even higher work rates
  • Features

    Amazone UF 01 mounted sprayer 2
    Just a few connections. Quickly and safely.With a few connections you can quickly and safely attach the UF on to the tractor. Sufficient space between the tractor and the sprayer makes attaching easy.
    Rolling device and fresh water tankThe rolling device makes it easy to move the sprayer. The optional quick coupling system and the TeleSpace PTO shaft provide an even faster and easier attachment to the tractor. All the cables and hoses are clearly and unmistakably arranged.
    The 120 litre fresh water tank is located on the right-hand side under the spray agent tank. The convenient positioning on the right allows easy filling at ground level. If required, the fresh water tank can also be filled via the fill port on the left.
    Stepless hydraulic main agitatorThe intensity of the hydraulic agitator can, steplessly, be reduced down to nothing in order to avoid any foaming of the crop protection agent or to facilitate spraying out the remaining tank contents.
    On AMAZONE crop protection sprayers the un-sprayed plant protection agent is delivered back via the return flow into the suction system. In this way any unintended agitation of the spray liquid via the return flow is prevented.
    Piston diaphragm pumpsThe piston diaphragm pumps run perfectly happily when dry and are liquid fertiliser safe. The design of the pumps simultaneously ensures an even, high delivery capacity with a high filling performance and quiet operation even under high pressure.
    Pumps with an output capacity of 160, 210 and 250 l/min are available. The oil reservoir for the pump is positioned within the field of vision of the driver for easy monitoring of the pump from the tractor cab.
    UF 01 operator station – Clear and simple via the SmartCenterAll functions are controlled with only three levers:
    1. Pressure Vario-Control valve for filling, inducting, spraying, internal or external cleaning
    2. Quick emptying(option) for emptying the spray liquid tank with the aid of the pump
    3. Agitation Valve or the infinitely variable setting of the agitation intensity via the self-cleaning pressure filter. Integrated additional function: Selective draining of the pressure filter
    4. Suction Vario-Control Valve for drawing from the spray agent tank, from the fresh water tank or via the suction hose. Integrated additional function: Pressure-free residue draining and venting of the suction filter.
    Super-stable and, at the same time, super-lightThanks to their special profile design, AMAZONE booms are extremely rigid and yet extremely light. The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. For any operational use and any application rate, the right nozzles are available, for example, for optimum wetting, anti-drift or for liquid fertiliser use.
    Automatic part-width section controlf the terminal is equipped with Section Control functionality, i.e. GPS-Switch part-width section control by AMAZONE, the part-width sections can be switched completely automatically depending on the GPS position. Once a field has been created, the driver can concentrate fully on operating the vehicle in automatic mode, since the part-width sections are switched automatically in wedge shaped fields and on headlands.
    Precise switching in 50 cm part-width sectionsThe decisive benefit of the individual nozzle control is the possibility to operate with small part-width sections giving an even greater degree of precision in wedge shaped fields, short work and on the headland. If AmaSwitch or AmaSelect is combined with the automatic GPS-Switch Section Control, the automatic switching of individual nozzles in 50 cm part-width sections is made possible. With this system, areas of overlap are significantly reduced and are, in comparison with a conventional Section Control part-width section shut-off system, up to 85 % less. So, the combination of GPS-Switch and individual nozzle control results in, depending on field shape and size, the working width and number of part-width sections, significant savings of spray agent compared with a normal spraying system used thus far.
    Less drift also at higher wind speedsWith the air-assisted injector nozzles, crop protection agents can be applied with very little drift. They are universally usable in all crops and all classifications. Because of the coarse droplet application, these nozzles can also be used in higher wind speeds.
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