UX Super trailed sprayer


The UX Super trailed sprayer with tank capacities of 4,200 l, 5,200 l, 6,200 l, and 11,200 l is characterised particularly by the extremely comfortable handling concept. The Super-L2 and Super-L3 sprayer booms, in widths from 21 to 40 m, impress with their first-class boom guidance. The UX Super trailed sprayer provides maximum efficiency combined with maximum effectiveness thanks to the high-performance equipment options.

Amazone UX Super trailed sprayer

Main Specifications

  • Low transport height and overall compact transport dimensions through an innovative tank and boom design
  • Light, compact, manoeuvrable – compact design and axle steering with a steering angle up to 28°
  • Dustproof storage compartments on the left and right hand side
  • Tailored SmartCenter operator solutions – from the intuitively-operated Standard-Pack up to the Comfort-Pack plus with pressure sensitive touch screen. Anything is possible!
  • High-capacity, self-priming, low maintenance piston diaphragm pumps with a delivery capacity up to 520 l ensure high application rates even at high spray pressures
  • DistanceControl fully automatic boom guidance
  • For difficult terrain conditions: - CountourControl active boom guidance for the optimum vertical boom guidance - SwingStop active boom tip swing compensation to reduce horizontal boom movements
  • DUS or DUS pro pressure recirculation systems ensure continuous circulation of the spray agent
  • 50 cm part-width sections and optimum nozzle choice thanks to the electric AmaSwitch and AmaSelect individual nozzle control
  • Automatic wash-out programmes for perfect cleaning results under all conditions
  • Features

    Amazone UX Super trailed sprayer 2
    The frame – strong and yet elastic!The wide profile steel frame, made from torsion resistant steel, compact tank design and the well-engineered boom technology provide the utmost in robustness.
    Low centre of gravityThe design of the UX tanks along with the compact AMAZONE booms ensure a low centre of gravity and very compact transport dimensions. In addition, the booms, even when folded, are optimally protected in transport via the sprung parallelogram boom frame.
    Tank on the UX 4201 Super, UX 5201 Super and UX 6201 SuperThe compact spray agent tank, which is made from polyethy-lene, is especially secure, light and long lasting. The absolutely smooth inner and outer walls with rounded corners and no crannies allow quick and easy cleaning. Residual spray volumes are kept at a minimum due to the specific shape of the tank sump. The UX Super trailed sprayers are equipped with a 580 litre fresh water tank.
    Tandem pump system – high performance combined with reliabilityThe UX Super is equipped with a low-maintenance tandem pump system. While one pump supplies the boom and the secondary agitator during spraying, the other pump vigorously agitates the tank contents via the main agitator. During the filling procedure at a nominal pump speed, the full pump capacity if available for filling the spray agent tank. At the same time, either the contents of the induction bowl can be drawn out via the venturi or the total fill capacity can be increased up to 900 l/min.
    All the equipment is designed for simple operation and maximum comfortWith its centralised SmartCenter operator station, the UX Super ensures that highly comfortable handling. Three operating concepts are available.
    High application rates thanks to HighFlow+The UX Super's intelligent control technology enables both pumps to be used for spraying while maintaining a high agitation capacity. If the usual maximum of 200 l/min at the spray line is not enough, the liquid flow created by the agitator pump is also automatically used in conjunction with the HighFlow+ option as and when required until the desired application rate is reached. The remaining capacity of the agitator pump continues to be used for agitating the liquid in the spray agent tank.

    All components of the HighFlow+ system are completely integrated in the cleaning cycles of the UX 01 Super.
    Drawbar damping – For protection of the boomsAll drawbars are provided with the drawbar shock absorbance system, an important design element in the UX. Minimising the to and fro movements between frame and drawbar it also protects the booms and prevents any rocking movement of the tractor keeping the operator comfortable.
    Clever AutoTrail steeringAutoTrail steering ensures an intelligent, track-true steering behaviour and can be easily calibrated for any tractor type. The AutoTrail steering systems can be activated at any time and can be oversteered using manual readjustment on slopes. Especially helpful in narrow field entrances is, with the Auto-Trail steering, the ability to activate the steering even with the booms folded.
    Booms in an aircraft wing designThanks to the special profile design AMAZONE booms are at the same time superbly light and superbly strong. The boom working widths from 15 to 40 metres allow the optimised matching of the sprayer to the structure of the farm. The exceptionally high-quality ensures a long operational life even over very high acreages.

    The compact transport dimensions with transport widths of 2.40 m to 2.85 m also contribute to the safe transport on the road.
    Electrically-controlled TG valve chestThe TG part-width valve chest with up to 13 part-width sections is available with ISOBUS control. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and dripfree via electric motor valves with pressure relief. The amount applied is accurately and directly controlled by the computer in all situations.
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