ZA-M Mounted Spreader


The ZA-M twin-disc broadcaster, in hopper capacities up to 3,000 litres and spreading widths of up to 36m, is the ideal machine for both farming enterprises and contractors alike and places great value on safety and reliability. The slow-turning, high capacity agitation system and the reduced disc speeds ensure an even, granule-protecting fertiliser flow.

Amazone ZA-M Mounted Spreader

Main Specifications

  • Double tipped hopper with optimum hopper shape for continuous flow monitoring and more precision
  • Fine-mesh filling sieves prevent problems when spreading and are easy to fold and lock in position for cleaning the machine
  • Complete spreading system made from stainless steel
  • Convenience and reliability due to simple and easily accessible adjustment of spread rate and working width
  • Double shutter system for an optimum rate setting and a quicker action for both opening and closing
  • Safety set with lighting system, warning signs and safety bracket as standard
  • Features

    Amazone ZA-M Mounted Spreader 2
    Many spreaders, one range – AMAZONE provides the right spreader for any size of operation!The advantages come as standard: Safety set with lighting system, marker boards and guard rail as standard Hopper capacities that can be extended by use of the after-fit extensions Convenience and reliability due to simple and easily accessible adjustment of the spread rate and working width
    Extension S – narrow executionThe narrow S-extension gives you a narrower transport width. Direct filling from a tipping trailer or out of big bags is no problem.
    Extension L – wide executionThe large filling width of 2.76 m provides you with adequate safety when loading with wide buckets. The wide L-extension is particularly recommended when large industrial front loading shovels are being used.
    Stainless steel spreading systemThe entire spreading system of the ZA-M spreaders is made from stainless steel: the hopper tips and agitator spirals the entire base plates with setting rate slides and hydraulic shutters the spreading discs with the spreading vanes
    The oil-immersed gearbox – tried and tested 100,000 times overThe oil-immersed gearbox has proven to be the indestructible heart of the AMAZONE twin disc fertiliser spreader. These AMAZONE gearboxes have proven themselves 100,000 times and more. They are maintenance-free and offer integrated overload protection against gearbox damage.
    SBS – Soft Ballistic System: The concept: Gentle fertiliser treatment means more precisionMineral fertilisers require particularly gentle treatment to ensure precise distribution and transport out to the crop over the total working width. Fertiliser which has been already damaged by the spreader can no longer be spread evenly. The AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System is already integrated as standard in the ZA-M mounted spreaders as a safety "package". The agitator, shutter slides and spreading discs ar
    Border spreading systemsSide spreading (yield oriented setting), Boundary spreading (environmentally oriented setting), Water course spreading (environmentally oriented setting), Side spreading – first tramline at the field edge
    Electronics | TerminalsEasySet – The simplest of terminals
    AmaDos+ – ZA-M with Control-Pack
    Simple, direct operation Individual hydraulic shutter actuation via two double- acting tractor spool valves A simple, 3-way valve is also available, where the tractor does not have sufficient spool valve possibilities
    EasyCheck – Precise spreading made easy! Digital, mobile test kit for the simple optimisation of lateral distribution
    Instead of the test trays found in the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck System consists of only 16 lightweight rubber collecting mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones. The collecting mats are positioned at specific distances away from the tramline. The corresponding tramlines are then spread and the mats with the collected fertiliser granules are photographed via a smartphone. The App now automatically compares how much fertiliser has been collected on the individual test mats and puts the results of the individual rows into an average. If the spreading result is not ideal, the App proposes an appropriate correction for the adjustment of the respective fertiliser spreader.
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