5 Series Agrofarm



A unique features package, created to deliver the most flexible tractor in the multi-role segment. That is the goal behind the new DEUTZ-FAHR Series Agrofarm 5 tractors range.

Thanks to its features, including the electro-hydraulic control for 4WD, differential lock, 4-speed PTO, the hydraulic system of 55 l/min flow with up to 8 rear outlets, Hi-Lo transmission, underdrive and creeper, and large tyre combination with fixed or adjustable rims, the Series Agrofarm 5 works perfectly everywhere. In short, the ideal tractor for any farm.

Deutz-Fahr 5 Series Agrofarm

Main Specifications

  • FARMotion 3.8L 4cyl engine
  • 75-126HP
  • 2400mm Wheelbase
  • 3900-4350Kg
  • Engine

    DESIGNED TO MEET AGRICULTURE NEEDS The new DEUTZ-FAHR Series Agrofarm 5 is equipped with FARMotion 4-cylinder engines, designed to magnify manoeuvrability and traction respectively. These engines ensure outstanding performance, excellent external visibility from the driver’s seat and a high steering angle. Fuel consumption and noise level are optimized, thanks to the electronically managed Common Rail fuel injection system, which can operate at 2000 bar to achieve better combustion, reduced pollutant emissions and quick response to sudden load conditions. The cylinders’ modular design and the hydraulically adjusted valves have increased reliability and simplified maintenance. A dedicated ECU allows two engine memories speed to be selected in advance, set and recalled or constant speed to be maintained even when the load changes. Torque curve and rise have been improved, with a better reaction to the load variations and better performance at low engine speed. The 512Agrofarm 5 model has a max power of 126 HP at 2000 RPM; at the engine speed for ECO PTO (1600 RPM), it has a torque of 508 Nm and power of 116 HP, reaching 92% of maximum power.
    Deutz-Fahr 5 Series Agrofarm Engine
    EngineFARMotion 3.8L 4cyl engine
    Rated / Max. Horsepower75-126HP
    Cylinder Displacement3.8L
    Common Rail Fuel Pressure2000Bar
    RPM at Rated / Max. Power2000 RPM
    Max Torque353-508Nm
    Fuel Capacity145L
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
    for the engine specs - Ken
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity

    Cab / Operations

    A LUXURIOUS 4-PILLAR CAB. The external visibility from the driver seat is excellent both in the daylight and in the dark, thanks to a maximum of 8 working lights (4 front + 4 rear) installed on the roof, and the profile of the one-piece bonnet. The new cab ensures high comfort levels, guaranteed by the introduction of the innovative Hydro Silent-Blocks, able to reduce the vibration level by up to 40% (compared with traditional Silent-Blocks). The tiltable and telescopic steering-wheel column, combined with a suspended seat with several adjustable settings, enables any operator to find the perfect driving position. A low noise level, high-quality materials and precise ergonomic layout make this cab completely comfortable. The cabin can also equip a bracket to support an external monitor or additional devices, a passenger seat, radio, electrical sockets, and smartphone and cup holders.
    Deutz-Fahr 5 Series Agrofarm Cab


    HIGH EFFICIENCY AND MAXIMUM MODULARITY. To properly develop the modular concept and to find the most suitable solution for all needs, the transmission versions of the new DEUTZ-FAHR Series Agrofarm 5 are based on a mechanical gearbox with 5 speeds, and many options are available. The first option is the mechanical reverse shuttle or hydraulic PowerShuttle, with the Stop&Go system that allows the control of the moving tractor with the brake pedals alone. This valuable function increases tractor manoeuvrability, specifically when operating with the front loader. The second option regards the Powershift function (2 steps) – 20+20 Hi-Lo or 40+40 Hi-Lo with underdrive and creeper ranges (for a minimum travelling speed of 300 m/h). Another essential standard feature is the entirely waterproof seal, crucial for work in paddy fields. In any case, the 4WD electro-hydraulic engagement and the 100% lock for both the front and rear differentials are supplied on all models.
    Deutz-Fahr 5 Series Agrofarm Driveline


  • 5 Speed gearbox
  • Hydraulics

    EFFICIENCY AND HIGH PERFORMANCE. To satisfy every operating need, the new DEUTZ-FAHR Series Agrofarm 5 is offered with a single pump of 55 l/min capacity, and with 4 to 6 rear outlets, mechanically controlled, with a flow regulator and free oil return. All the mechanical distributors are equipped with the “detent” command (i.e. allowing a continuous oil flow) through a mechanical lock of the control lever. The DEUTZ-FAHR rear lift is well known for ensuring the best precision control and efficiency in the tractor category. The new Series Agrofarm 5 comes with a mechanical lift as standard on models 5095, 5105 and 5105 HD, and with a fully electronically controlled version on 5115 and 5125 models. The electronic unit allows some comfortable extra functions, such as maximum height limitation, low-speed dropping, vibration damping system and the auto-PTO. The rear lift can reach a maximum capacity of 5400 kg (depending on the models); the 3-point linkage is category II.
    Deutz-Fahr5 Series Agrofarm Hydraulics

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