6C Series



Total configurability.

Offering endless scope for configuration, with 3 models, power outputs from 126 to 143 HP, a choice of 3 transmission types, potent hydraulic systems with load sensing pumps with capacities up to 120 l/min and a host of options, these tractors can be tailored to perfection for even the most specific need. All 6C Series models come with four cylinder Stage IV/LRC engines, TopVision 4-pillar cabs and a choice of all-new SDF Smart Farming Solutions.

Deutz-Fahr 6C Series

Main Specifications

  • 126-143 hp
  • FARMotion 45 four cylinder engine
  • Hydraulic circuit with 90 l/min gear pump or, as an alternative, a 120 l/min load sensing system
  • At least 10 rear hydraulic couplers and 2 Front Couplers
  • up to 7000kg rear hitch lift capacity – up to 3000kg front hitch lift capacity
  • Four PTO speeds 540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO at the rear and 1000 at the front
  • TopVision cabs
  • programmable buttons the operator can assign the power shuttle, the fast steering system, the rear lift, the hydraulic valves and even more functions
  • Easy Steer is a feature of the steering orbitrol to decrease the manual steering movements of the driver
  • Engine

    Ultra-compact, ultra-efficient. As well as outstanding levels of reliability and performance, the new FARMotion 45 four cylinder engines also boasts extraordinarily low operating costs. These state of the art engines feature impressive torque over a very broad range of engine speeds ensuring rapid responsiveness to changes in load. Electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, the eVisco viscostatic fan, PowerCore air filters and highly efficient transmissions form an impressive package of high-tech solutions minimising both fuel and AdBlue consumption. Generously sized tanks (with a 160 litre fuel tank and 12 litre urea tank) ensure more than adequate range for every possible task. Offered with a choice of power outputs up to 120, 129 and 137 HP (for the 6115C, 6125C and 6135C models respectively), all engine variants also include a specific power boost map implemented automatically when the PTO is in use or at road speeds exceeding 15 km/h, which increases the maximum power of the respective model to 126, 136 and 143 HP. Engine available in Stage IV for EPA markets as well as without certification for LRC markets.
    Deutz-Fahr 6C Series Engine
    EngineFARMotion 45, 4-cylinder
    Rated / Max. Horsepower120-127/ 126-143
    Fuel Capacity160L
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity12L
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
    for the engine specs - Ken
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity

    Cab / Operations

    Unbeatable comfort and impeccable all-round visibility.
    Deutz-Fahr 6C Series Cab
    TopVision Cab
  • 4-pillar structure and generous glazing ensure excellent outward visibility
  • optional mechanical cab suspension is also available to take comfort even further
  • Innovative Hydro Silent-Block mounts reduce vibration by 40% compared with conventional components
  • Unbeatable comfort and impeccable all-round visibility.

    The new TopVision cabs offer outstanding levels of comfort. Innovative Hydro Silent-Block mounts reduce vibration by 40% compared with conventional components, while optional mechanical cab suspension is also available to take comfort even further. The 4-pillar structure and generous glazing ensure excellent outward visibility, while minimised noise levels, superior quality materials and the ergonomically superior layout of the cab make any job less tiring. Heated, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors and the heated rear screen ensure a clear view even in the coldest weather conditions. RVShift and TTV versions are available with the InfoCenterPro, which puts the driver in complete control over all the functions of the tractor and adds programmable sequences of operations for routine actions. A huge choice of other options, such as a bracket for mounting a third party monitor or other devices, a passenger seat, an audio system with DAB+ radio, numerous electrical outlets (including 2 USB ports) and a 12V refrigerator let you configure every tiny detail of the cab to suit your specific needs.


    Class-beating efficiency, performance and configurability.
    Deutz-Fahr 6C Series Driveline


    Class-beating efficiency, performance and configurability.

    The new 6C Series is available with 3 different transmission types: an essential configuration, with mechanical main gearbox and 3-stage powershift, the innovative RVSHIFT full-powershift transmission, and the range-topping high-tech TTV continuously variable transmission. The 6C Series lets you choose the best suited transmission configuration for your specific needs. All transmission versions come with an electrohydraulic PowerShuttle. Direction inversion manoeuvres are executed with no interruption in torque delivery to the wheels, even under load, maximising safety especially when working on steep gradients. As well as all this, a choice of 5 user-selectable responsiveness settings and the Stop&Go and PowerZero functions make working with a front loader easier than ever. All models are capable of attaining their maximum road speed (40 Km/h for base transmission version or 50 Km/h for RVSHIFT and TTV versions) in part throttle conditions, maximising fuel efficiency and range.


    Modular hydraulics with all the configurability you’ll ever need.
    Deutz-Fahr6C Series Hydraulics
    6C Series tractors are equipped with either a hydraulic circuit with 90 l/min gear pump or, as an alternative, a 120 l/min load sensing system with variable displacement pump. The load sensing system delivers exactly the flow rate needed in response to the effective demand for oil, and features a combination of mechanically and electronically controlled distributors to ensure complete compatibility with any type of implement. Both hydraulic system configurations are offered with at least 10 rear hydraulic couplers, Power Beyond couplers, a potent electronic rear lift with capacities up to 7000 kg and a 3000 kg front lift with an additional 2 front couplers. On all versions, a secondary pump with an output of approximately 40 l/min feeds oil exclusively to the ancillaries and steering system, ensuring seamless steering action even at idle speed and when the lifts and distributors are in use.

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