EasyCut 2801/3201/3600 CV and 2800/3200/CRi


The side-mounted drawbar models with conditioner

The trailed and powerful EasyCut disc mowers with side-mounted drawbar and conditioner have proven extraordinarily well all over the world. Compact by design, these machines feature a robust double frame and a side-mounted drawbar for mowing round and round.

Krone EasyCut 2801/3201/3600 CV and 2800/3200/CRi

Main Specifications

  • side-mounted drawbar
  • working width 2.73-3.55m (8'12"-11'8")
  • transport width 2.56-3.41m (8'5"-11'2")
  • standard cutterbar on 2800/3200 CRi
  • SmartCut cutter bar on 2801/3201/3600 CV
  • 4-6 discs
  • 2 top hats
  • SafeCut cutterbar protection
  • Quick-change blades
  • optional High-Cut skids
  • 2801/3201/3600CV - V-Tine conditioner, 64cm (25") rotor diameter
  • 2800/3200CRi - Roller conditioner, 2x25 (9'8") Roller diameter
  • 2801/3201/3600 CV 600/900rpm conditioner speed
  • 2800/3200 CRi 850rpm conditioner speed
  • 2.05m-2.9m (6'9"-9'6") conditioner width
  • optional swathing belt on 3201/3600 CV and 3200CRi
  • tractor power 51-66 kW (70-90hp)
  • 1000rpm pto speed (optional 540)
  • Compact and extremely agile – turning through less than 90° angles
  • Turns on the spot – ideal for round and round work
  • EasyCut DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
  • With tine or roller conditioner
  • Features

    KroneEasyCut 2801/3201/3600 CV and 2800/3200/CRi 2
    Capacity to the maxThe trailed EasyCut disc mower with side-mounted drawbar and slewing gearbox gives you the flexibility of mowing round and round without lifting the machine out of work, without reversing and without ever stopping. The short drawbar makes for a compact combination that gives excellent rides and caster.
    Mowing round and round without stoppingThe trailed EasyCut mower with sidemounted drawbar cuts around every corner and turns on the spot, thanks to the slewing gearbox and the short drawbar. No need to reverse in corners.
    The slewing gearboxThe main driveshaft does not angle when travelling through bends for an extended service life. In addition, the torque of the slewing gearbox helps absorb the side-thrust and ensures quiet running and positive tracking.
    Kitted out perfectlyAs the machines operate on soft ground and slopes, they run on 15.0/55-17/10 tyres that provide light treading to protect the turf. Mounted at a 3° angle, the wheels effectively roll in direction of travel without pulling to the side.
    Convenient and fastMove the mower hydraulically into work or transport position from the comfort of your seat. The pivoting cylinder is refitted to one of various positions, thereby allowing operators to utilize the full work width no matter the tractor's wheelbase.
    Plenty of ground clearanceSingle-acting rams raise the double frame and the mower for road transport and also to cross a swath. A tap locks the rams during road transport
    Swift 40 km/h road transportNot exceeding the statutory 3 m transport width, EasyCut 2800 CV / CRi, 3200 CV / CRi and 3201 CV do not require special permission to travel on public roads.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity


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