EasyCut 3210 CV/CRi


Mid-Mounted drawbar model with Conditioner

Ideal for up and down operation, these high-capacity trailed disc mowers from KRONE with mid-mounted drawbar cut at a width of 3.14 m. All central drawbar versions feature the full width CV and CRi conditioners as standard.

Krone EasyCut 3210 CV/CRi

Main Specifications

  • mid-mounted drawbar
  • 3.16m (10'4") working width
  • 3m (9'10") transport width
  • standard cutterbar on 3210 CRi
  • SmartCut Cutter bar on 3210 CV
  • 5 discs, 2 top hats
  • standard SafeCut cutterbar protection
  • standard quick-change blades
  • optional High-Cut skids
  • 3210 CV: V-tine conditioner, 64 (25") rotor diameter
  • 3210 CRi: roller conditioner, 2x25cm (9'8") roller diameter
  • 3210 CV Conditioner speed: 600/900 rpm
  • 3210 CRi Conditioner speed: 850 rpm
  • 2.5m (8'2") conditioner width
  • optional swathing belt
  • 59kW/80hp tractor power
  • 1000 rpm standard, optional 540rpm
  • Features

    KroneEasyCut 3210 CV/CRi 2
    Up and down operationThe mid-mounted pivoting drawbar allows matching up in either direction, a method that produces forage of a consistently high quality and dry matter contents. There is no need of harvesting in beds and you always exploit the full work width when using a front mower. As another advantage animals are not trapped in the field but are driven out to the side.
    PowerfulThe slewing gearbox on the drawbar makes for tightest turns. The angle between the tractor and the gearbox does not change, which suggests a long service life.
    ConvenientThe pivoting stand and the convenient drive shaft holder and hydraulic hoses make attachment and removal a quick affair.
    Changing sidesThe double-acting ram swings the mower over to the other side in up and down operation and swings it centrally behind the tractor into transport position.
    Frictional connections without beltsThe drive power flows via overload protected gearboxes and drive shafts to power the cutterbar and conditioner. Two slewing gearboxes optimize the power flow down the drive shafts
    SwiftThe mower lifts and moves hydraulically into the middle for transport on public roads. This position gives plenty of ground clearance when crossing deep ruts and swaths.
    40 km/h road travelMeasuring a maximum transport width of 3.00 m, EasyCut 3210 CV and 3210 CRi are approved for travel on public roads.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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