EasyCut B 1000 CV · B 1000 CR


The EasyCut B 1000 CV and EasyCut B 1000 CR stand out for a huge 10.10 m work width and their powerful CV or CR conditioners. Another high-profile feature is the world-first Combi Float – the automatic and hydro-pneumatic control system.

The hydraulic sideshift feature on the side mowers eliminates any striping and maximizes efficiency productivity. The feature is standard specification. Cutting straight lines, the machine operates at the maximum width and minimum overlap, whereas larger overlaps and a narrow work width is selected when cutting curved lines. As you operate on the slope, simply retrieve a stored sideshift range to the right or left and avoid drifting and striping.

As they fold into transport position the side mowers retract automatically so the statutory 4.00 m transport height is not exceeded. An automatic transport locking system provides for safe road travel and is activated as the rear mowers are shifted to the middle.

Krone EasyCut B 1000 CV · B 1000 CR

Main Specifications

  • Working width: 9300-10100mm (30'6"-33'2")
  • Working width per rear mower: 3600mm (11'10")
  • Tranport Width: 2950mm (9'8")
  • Storage Height: 4200mm (13'9")
  • Transport height at 250mm ground clearance: 4000mm (13'2")
  • 12 discs
  • 4 top hats
  • Quick-changing blades standard
  • SafeCut standard
  • B1000CV: V-steel tine conditioner, 640mm (2'1") rotor diameter, 600/900 rpm
  • B1000CR: PU roller conditioner; 2x250mm (2x10") rotor diameter, 750rpm
  • optional CR Collect Cross Conveyor belts
  • 1000 pto rpm
  • 3400-2880 kg (7496-8554lbs)
  • 130-180kW (180-200hp) power requirement
  • Features

    KroneEasyCut B 1000 CV · B 1000 CR 2
    Fully protectedThe standard impact damage protection system on EasyCut B 1000 CV and B 1000 CR gives you peace of mind as you cut along borders, fences and hedges and when the machine hits an obstacle. When one of the side mowers hits an obstacle it swings approx. 1.50 m to the rear and returns automatically into its working position once the obstacle is passed.
    The automatic Combi Float suspension control off ers unique advantages:It maintains a uniform ground pressure in undulating terrain and with the mowers working in off set positions. The mower suspension is easily adjusted from the tractor seat – even on the move. A lightweight, hardwearing, easy-pulling and compact design.
    Combi Float – a KRONE onlyThe speciality of this feature is the fact that it maintains the pressure inside the reservoirs of the hydro-pneumatic system – courtesy of extra spools and the circuit of the single-acting coupler with free return line. The advantage of this system is that it maintains a uniform suspension of both mowers in undulating terrain and when working at various work widths
    An integral systemThe compact headstock integrates the lift rams, the valve chest and the accumulators for reduced weight and load on the tractor's hydraulics. It also features an easy-to-open cover for eff ective protection.
    Hydraulic controlDouble-acting rams inside the mower arms extend and retract the arms on the move thereby varying the degree of overlap.
    Optimum adaptationThe mower arms on the EasyCut B 1000 CV and B 1000 CR side mowers extend and retract on telescoping arms. As you shift the two mowers in opposed directions you alter the overlap relative to the front mower and the total work width. When using an EasyCut front mower of a 3.16 m work width, you can set overlaps from 130 to 530 mm on each wing. To avoid striping on slopes, shift the wings to the same side.
    Flexible controlThe ISOBUS terminal allows operators to telescope the rear mowers hydraulically in and out, either in sync. or independently by up to 40 cm. In addition, the standard-fi t terminal adjusts the work width simultaneously on both sides.
    Compact storageStore the side mowers on their sturdy stands in upright position and save space for more equipment in your shed.
    For all tractor back endsAll three mowers lift and lower at the touch of a button when the tractor approaches the headland. You can operate the front linkage from the valve chest on the rear combination. Cutting wedges or awkward plots is easy as you use one or two mowers. The machine is not running on cut material. EasyCut B 1000 CV not only delivers an exceptional performance in large fields but also in smaller plots, producing clean cuts and perfectly conditioned forage.
    AutomaticFor a reduced transport height the end guards on each mower fold up automatically as the machine folds up.
    InnovativeThe wings are raised by compact double rams, which reduces operator stress. The single-acting rams lift the mowers into headland position; the double-acting rams fold them into transport position.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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