EasyCut R 280 CV and R 320 CV


The KRONE CV rotor with V-shaped and grippy steel tines spreads the crop at the full working width. Its massive 64 cm diameter and the helical arrangement of the tines warrant a continuous crop flow, high throughputs and superior conditioning.

– Easy and quick operation
– Optional deflectors spread the material across the full width
– Infinitely variable swath widths
– Mechanical gearbox, variable conditioning intensity

Krone EasyCut R 280 CV and R 320 CV

Main Specifications

  • Working width 2.73-3.16m (8'11"-10'4")
  • Transport height 3.1-3.5m (10'2"-11'6")
  • 4-5 discs
  • 2 drums
  • SafeCut cutterbar standard
  • Quick-change blades standard
  • CV Steel tine conditioner
  • Mechanical gearbox 600/900rpm
  • Optional wide spreading deflector plates
  • 540rpm pto standard; 1000rpm optional
  • Deadweight 1120-1260kg (2469-2778lbs)
  • 51-59kW (70-80hp) required
  • Mechanical pressure control
  • Features

    KroneEasyCut R 280 CV and R 320 CV 2
    Firm grip on the cropThe v-tines are made from hardened steel and mount at a steep angle, treating the forage intensively and powerfully. The tines pivot to the rear when hitting a foreign object whereas forward pivoting is restricted to increase the service life of the pins.
    Full-width conditioningThe tine conditioners on each mower span across the work width from the left to the right top hat, providing a uniform and consistent crop flow across the full width and giving optimum conditioning.
    Intensive conditioningThe standard baffle plate on the CV conditioner adds to the conditioning effect of the tines for more intensive conditioning.
    Stepless baffle plate adjustmentThis lever in the multi-step gate varies the gap between the tines and the baffle plate. As you reduce the gap you increase the intensity of conditioning
    The mechanical gearboxSelect 900rpm for intensive treatment and 600rpm for less intensive conditioning. Setting the speed is easy from the gearshift lever.
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