EasyCut R 360 and R 400


The high-capacity EasyCut R 360 and R 400 mowers are mounted machines that score on enormous work rates and productivity, performing equally well in forage harvesting and field extensification.

The EasyCut R 360 and R 400 models offer the specification and operator comfort you deserve: excellent value for money, high acreage at low power input, centre-of-gravity suspension, the innovative SafeCut disc protection system, a compact transport position, straightforward operation and convenient handling. All these details are benchmark features on a machine of this size. Depending on specification and disc rotation, they spread or windrow the crop into two equal swaths.

Krone EasyCut R 360 and R 400

Main Specifications

  • Working width 3.6m-4.04m (11'10"-13'3")
  • Transport height: R360 - 4m (13'2"); R400 - 1.5m (4'11")
  • Discs: R360 - 4/6; R400 - 5/7
  • 4 or 2 Drums
  • SafeCut cutterbar standard
  • Quick-change blades standard
  • 540 pto, 1000 optional
  • 1040-1050kg (2293-2315lbs) dead weight
  • 55-66kW (75-90hp) tractor power required
  • standard mechanical pressure controls (Hyd.optional)
  • Features

    KroneEasyCut R 360 and R 400 2
    The three-point hitchThese two models have particularly strong headstocks. They can move sideways and the lower link pins can be refitted to adjust to suit different tractor track widths and to team up with a front mower.
    Suspension springsThese two mowers have two very strong suspension springs that minimize the ground pressure. Operators can adjust the spring loading manually or hydraulically as an option from the tractor seat.
    EasyCut R 360 in road transportThe EasyCut R 360 model swings up and beyond TDC behind and very close to the tractor improving ride comfort especially on small tractors
    EasyCut R 400 in road transportThe EasyCut R 400 goes into transport position by moving in-line behind the tractor and folding up the front guard, turning into a narrow, low-profile transport unit for smooth passage underneath bridges and through gates and for safe travel on public roads.
    No swathingSpreading the material leads to faster wilting because it exposes a larger surface to the sun and wind, leading to very high-quality forage and fewer losses.
    'B’ sense of rotation for spreads across the full widthAll discs on EasyCut R 360 and R 400 run with an opposed action and in pairs, spreading the material in a uniform mat across the full width.
    ‘A’ sense of rotation for swath formationThis is an option for those who try to avoid running over the cut crops. In this configuration only the two discs in the middle run with an opposed action, producing two swaths.
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