EasyWrap 150


The KRONE EasyWrap 150 is the world’s fastest single-arm wrapper that operates at 36rpm. More than that, the extremely versatile machine is equally at home in bale handling. This versatility makes the EasyWrap a true specialist machine for farmers who run their own fleets. The KRONE EasyWrap 150 is mounted in the three point linkage, front and rear. Beyond that, it also attaches to wheeled loaders and telescopic materials handlers for maximum productivity and machine utilization.

Krone EasyWrap 150

Main Specifications

  • The fastest single-arm wrapper in the market for maximum productivity and silage quality
  • Homologated for road travel thanks to the standard-fit tail light
  • Position controlled wrapping arm leads to perfect overlaps behind any tractor (no time control!)
  • Massive rollers ensure an effective bale roll – even of heavy bales of up to 1,600 kg
  • Big bobbins provide optimum bale control and ensure smooth bale roll especially in sloping fields
  • Work to road changeovers are made with a touch of a button
  • Four holders store spare film rolls for long working days. External control panel.
  • Automated functions for convenient bale control – from collecting to unloading
  • Features

    KroneEasyWrap 150 2
    Three-point attachment Attached in three-point rear linkage, EasyWrap 150 runs very close behind the tractor, providing optimum weight distribution and great stability also behind smaller tractors. EasyWrap 150 is also suitable for front linkage attachment on higher-power tractors.
    It needn’t be a tractorThe EasyWrap 150 is equally suitable for front linkage attachment on a wheeled loader or materials handler, offering maximum versatility and universal use. On these machines, operators enjoy an even better overview and excellent agility
    Road mode retrieved at the touch of a buttonChangeovers for road transport are fast and convenient as the operator simply presses a button in the cab. No need to dismount the machine. This mode brings the loading arms together and the wrapping arm moves to the front end, so the machine forms a compact unit for safe and easy travel on public roads.
    Small and big balesEasyWrap 150 collects and wraps bales of 1.00 m to 1.50 m in diameter. Operators simply refit a pin to adjust the machine to a different bale diameter. The film is always applied to the middle of the bale, a method that results in optimum overlapping.
    Effective bale rollTwo massive and powered rollers ensure the bale is rolled dependably also in difficult conditions. Therefore, heavy bales of up to 1,600 kg in weight are no problem at all. With the two rollers rotating in synch, the bale rolls consistently for a uniform wrap. One of the rollers is ribbed to prevent bale slip.
    Perfect controlA massive bobbin (two as an option) keeps the bale in check during wrapping, preventing it form seizing up which is a risk with misshaped bales and in sloping fields.
    Helpful supportAn optional roller can be fitted at the base of the machine between the two link arm couplers. Absorbing the weight of the machine and the bale, it provides extra support so less weight is transferred to the tractor – a particular boon when operating the machine behind lower-powered and more light-weight tractors.
    Watched by sensorsThe EasyWrap wrapping arm orbits at speeds of up to 36rpm for extremely fast wrapping cycles. Rather than time controlled, the arm is position controlled by a 360° angle sensor. Also, a brake fixes it in position so it always starts out from the same position – a detail that is particularly important in sloping fields. The technology ensures perfect wraps and consistent overlaps even on different tractors and different hydraulic systems.
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