KW Three-Point Mounted Tedders 4-6 Rotors


Featuring strong frames, robust gearboxes and rotors, the KRONE rotary tedders perform equally well in hay and heavy crops, Pivot joints on the frame and scores of useful setting options make KRONE rotary tedders the masters of super clean sweeps and quality forage.

Krone KW Three-Point Mounted Tedders 4-6 Rotors

Main Specifications

  • KW4.62, KW5.52, KW6.02, KW6.72, and KW7.82
  • working widths 4.6m-7.8m (15'1"-25'7")
  • Central border spreading manual or hydraulic control
  • Convenient operation via a single-acting spool
  • Features

    Rugged build and easy handling

    KroneKW Three-Point Mounted Tedders 4-6 Rotors 2
    4 rotors - KW4.62 & KW5.52Using four rotors and working at widths of 4.6m (15'1") and 5.5m (18'1"), these lightweight machines are tailored to small businesses and hill farming operations. The machines feature central border spreading and rotor tilt adjustment as base specification.
    6 rotors - KW6.02, KW6.72, & KW7.82The rotary tedders KW6.02, 6.72 and 7.82 have six rotors and work at widths of 6m (19'8"), 6.7m (22'), and 7.8m (25'7"), which are ideal for tedding three windros in one operation without the tractor wheels funning on the crop. Providing optimum ground adaptation, excellent handling and perfect results, the six-rotor model has become one of the best-selling tedders in the market palce. The small rotors on KW6.02 are excellent in hay.
    The border spreading facilityManual border sprading control comes standard, with hydraulic control optional. Requiring only one single-acting tractor spool, these machines change from border spreading to folding from a directional control valve
    Built-in road stabilityAs the wings fold up, the machine's transport width shrinks to less than 3m (9'10"), making for safe and compact travel on the road. The mounted 6-rotor versions naturally feature and automatic self-centering system which brings the machine centrally behind the tractor.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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