KW Three-Point Mounted Tedders 8-10 Rotors


Work Wider and Reduce Costs

KW 7.92, KW 8.82, KW 10.02 and KW 11.22 are mounted to the tractor’s three-point linkage. Dispensing with the transport running gear, the machine is marketed at a very competitive price and still offers a high level of base specification including central border spreading control. KW 7.92 requires solely one single-acting spool and KW 8.82 one double-acting spool, whereas KW 10.02 and KW11.22 are controlled from two double acting tractor spools. With all rotors spaced at identical distances, the machine produces a uniform spray pattern.

Krone KW Three-Point Mounted Tedders 8-10 Rotors

Main Specifications

  • working widths of 7.9m-11m (25'11"-36'1')
  • small and medium-size rotor diameters, consistent rotor spacings, uniform wilting
  • damper braces with Eladur spring elements enchance smooth rides
  • fold-in end rotors reduce transport height
  • Features

    KroneKW Three-Point Mounted Tedders 8-10 Rotors 2
    Small rotors produce quality forageKW7.92 (7.9m, 25'11", 8 rotors), KW8.82 (8.8m, 28'11", 8 rotors), KW10.02 (10m, 32'10", 10 rotors), and KW11.22 (10.95m, 35'11", 10 rotors) are forage specialists which stand out for their orbust build that has perfectly proven itself in heavy crops. Small diameter rotors with 5 or 6 tine arms each deliver an effective job.
    Sare travel on the roadKW11.2 folds into a compact storage "package" (3.75m, 12'4" high). Its 2.98m (9'9") transport width makes road travel a safe and relaxed affair.
    Clean Sweeps along boundariesNobody can afford to waste their crop. KRONE eight-rotor rotary tedders feature a manual border spreading system as standard. A hydraulic border spreading system is standard specification on the KW 10.02 and KW 11.22. The system keeps your crop exactly where it should be - on your field.
    Quiet Road TravelThe damping braces have extra Eladur spring elements that absorb the shock loads from road travel and enhance operator comfort.
    Big Boots18/8.5 flotation tires are used for the rotors in the middle to protect the sward and provide adequate stability for folded models
    Wide becomes narrowThe rotors are folded hydraulically. The outer rotors swing in to reduce the machine's transport height.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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