KW Trailed Tedders 4-6 Rotor


Trailed models are lighter in weight

The trailed rotary tedders working at widths of 5.5m (18’1″) and 7.8m (25’7″) stand out for their low tractor input requirement. Running on the middle wheels when in transport, the machine does not mount in the tractor’s three-point linkage – which is ideal for smaller tractors with lower front axle load and lift capacities.

Krone KW Trailed Tedders 4-6 Rotor

Main Specifications

  • KW 5.52T, KW7.82T
  • 5.5m-7.8m (18'1-25'7") working widths
  • minimum input requirement
  • no load taken off the tractor's front axle
  • hydraulic pivoting drawbar moves conveniently into transport position
  • Features

    KroneKW Trailed Tedders 4-6 Rotor 2
    The pivoting drawbarThe KW5.52T and KW7.82T feature a height adjustable pivoting drawbar. Attachment and removal is quick and easy - either via a swinging or rigid drawbar.
    Tractor-based adjustmentsThe hydraulic drawbar provides for plenty of ground clearance under the rotors when the machine is travelling to the next site. When sing the swinging drawbar or the rigid linkage drawbar, work depth is set on the turnbuckle on the hydraulic ram.
    Central border spreadingThe border spreading facility ensures no crop is lost along the field boundaries. Move this lever to the left or right to direct the crop to that specific side.
    Nice and compactKW5.52T and KW7.82T are highly compact models, which require little storage space. Parked on large ballon tires and a steplessly adjustable stand on the drawbar, the trailed models offer unsurpassed stability
    Adjusting the spread angleAdjusting the angle of spread is important, because it adapts the machine optimally to the desired quality of the forage. On KW5.52T and KW7.82T, the setting is changed by operating an extension lever. There is no need to lift out the machine.
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