Agribumper is a safe and variable frontweight in the range of 350 to 2000kg, where you still can use your frontlinkage and PTO. Standard with Hella LED day running lights, indicators, reflective width markings and underrun protection for all modern tractors that are getting bigger, faster and heavier. With an Agribumper front weight, every tractor will be noticed quicker for oncoming traffic under all (weather) conditions no matter if it’s during the day, at night or season. This system is mounted closer to the tractor than any other front weight block so it doesn’t make the tractor longer than necessary.  A safer idea. But best of all, hook up your front implement as usual and have a better weight ratio while operating. Safer tractors offers 4 different weight systems  and over 50 models for all tractor brands and types.

2 BIG LED’S with indicators and width markers ON A VARIABLE FRONT WEIGHT can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

Traditional lighting on the tractor hood are installed close to each other. Oncoming traffic often misjudges distance or speed, no matter at night or when it’s light. Position lights and turn signals are often mounted high on the side of the cab and are often not seen or broken. Agribumper comes with only 2 large LED’s with indicators that you cannot ignore. Driving safer on the road, carrying a front weigth with the advantage to use front hydraulics and PTO.

Each Agribumper comes standard with 2 combined Hella LED daytime running lights and indicators, mounted on a spot where oncoming traffic expects it, at the height of the bumper same as a passenger car. Plug & Play, standard with coiled cable and 7 pin plug.


Modern tractors are becoming more and more efficient and complex. But also larger, faster, heavier which increases the risk of calamity or accident, even more with increased pressure to get the job done. An Agribumper safer and variable front weight fits every modern tractor from 2006 and newer. Do you have an older tractor? ask us for options. Agribumper front weight fits John Deere, Fendt, Deutz Fahr, Claas, CaseIH, Steyr, New Holland, JCB, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Lamborghini, Same, Hurlimann, Zetor, Landini, McCormick, Kubota, Challenger, Iseki, Lindner with front hydraulics. Do you have an aftermarket front linkage from Zuidberg, Sauter, Degenhart, Stemplinger, La Forge, Auer, MX, or Linx? No problem. For every brand we have a special brackets. If you have a tractor without front linkage, ask Minto AG for a solution.


Are you using more and more multi-purpose implements, machines or combinations where a device is mounted in the front linkage, but its not heavy enough for sufficient front axle pressure, causing limited slip and loss of traction and unnecessarily fuel consumption? Do you have a Lemken or Amazon combination with a front tank and its almost empty? Do you want to plow and the press has to go to the field? Or do you use an N-sensor in the front linkage on the fertilizer spreader? Does your tractor have a weight ratio of 40:60 and GPS system fails to function correct or loses track in mountain area? Use Agribumper between implement and tractor and the problem is solved.



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