Agrosky Guidance Systems

Deutz Agrosky GPS Guidance Systems

Guidance applications are becoming increasingly established as a standard in tractors and combines on many farms. The more precisely your work is accomplished, the more profitable it is. You can rely on the highest accuracy even in difficult working conditions such as in fog or at night-time. We can guarantee this to you thanks to the experience of thousands of customers working with SDF Guidance: those who worked with a steering system cannot do without it ever again. SDF Guidance means efficiency and the highest precision.

SDF Guidance allows farmers to save money thanks to its accuracy:

  • Precise track-to-track guidance with repeatability, even in difficult working conditions;
  • Reduced number of passes and as such time saved;
  • Less resources used and more environmental benefits;
  • Less efforts and focus required with other operations such as monitoring the machine.
Deutz-Fahr Deutz – Agrosky

iMonitor 3


The iMonitor3 is the core of our machines and it’s essential for carrying out all important functions. You can choose between an 8“ or the large 12“ display – its size options cannot be beaten.

Our aim is the seamless system integration of both hardware and software into our cabin. The armrest integrating the iMonitor3 is the fundamental element of centrally controlled machines. On one terminal we combine the entire range of technology and applications of the SDF Smart Farming Solutions, as well as several other features like tractor settings, cameras or the Comfortip headland management. The display can be changed from full screen to split screen: three 8” split screens and four 12” split screens. This ensures the best user-friendly interface and allows you to keep an overview of all processes.

GNSS Receivers


You can choose the system that best suits your operation. Our receivers use free, internationally available signals, which offer different accuracy levels depending on the correction service and the receiver model:

  • Submeter for Egnos / WAAS / Autonomous with track-to-track accuracy of about 25 cm,
  • Decimeter for TopNet signals:
  • TopNet Global D (only SRC40) with a track-to-track accuracy of about 8 cm
  • TopNet Global C (only SR20) with a track-to-track accuracy of about 5-8 cm
  • TopNet Global C+ (only SR20) with a track-to-track accuracy of about 3-4 cm
  • Centimeter for RTK with an absolute and repeatable accuracy of 2-3 cm

DEUTZ-FAHR offers you all this with products that perfectly match your needs.

Deutz-Fahr Deutz – Agrosky
Deutz-Fahr Deutz – Agrosky

AES35 Electric Steering

AES35 electric steering wheel is a factory option available in some tractor models (6120-6140), as well as in some of our combines (C7000 / C9000). In addition, the kit is designed to be easily moved from one machine to another. It can be retrofitted on machines that have built-in wiring harness, but can also suit any other machines without it. AES35 includes an electric engine that allows guidance with an accuracy up to RTK standard. It is also suitable for applications where low driving speed is required (< 500 m/h).

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