The 4670 T offers an ideal combination of thrust and lifting height in a compact package. The newly designed HTF drive supplies enormous traction force, drawing on the 480 bar of pressure in the drive system and improved hydraulic efficiency. With automatic control, the full traction force is also available in high gear. The machine’s maximum speed is 20 km/h, with a 28 km/h option available which can be certified for road use if specified.

When it comes to their technical details, Schäffer’s compact telescopic wheel loaders more than measure up. Wear and maintenance-free Ferro-Form sliding elements in the telescopic boom, alongside the 7 t heavy-duty axles will ensure that your loader provides years of problem-free service. The articulated/pendulum joint and the oil-immersed multiple disc brake are both maintenance-free.

The 4670 T is well-powered with a 48.6 kW (66 HP) engine, so it can handle challenging tasks, and offers more agility and greater driving fun.

Schaffer 4670T

Main Specifications

  • Kubota V2403-CR-T 4cyl engine
  • 66hp
  • 3900-4000kg
  • 2000mm wheel base
  • 1420mm-1730mm width
  • 2250mm high
  • 4930mm length with std bucket
  • 1400mm turning radius
  • 2400kg lift capacity
  • 2110kg tipping load straight, pallet fork
  • 4300mm lifting heigh (tool pivot)
  • 3480mm tipping height (bottom edge of bucket)
  • Engine

    Schaffer’s new Kubota motor offers the highest possible torque in its class and is unique in the market of these loaders due to an electronically regulated drive – SPT or ‘Schäffer Power Transmission’.
    Schaffer 4670T Engine
    EngineKubota V2403-CR-T 4cyl engine
    Rated / Max. Horsepower66hp
    Cylinder Displacement2.4l
    RPM at Rated / Max. Power2700rpm
    Max Torque198.5 lb/ft
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
    for the engine specs - Ken
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity

    Cab / Operations

    Ergonomics at its best
    Schaffer4670T Cabin
    Driver comfort was Schaffer’s top priority when designing the cabin of the 4670 T. A range of features contribute to a very comfortable work environment, so the driver can feel fresh, even after long working days. All operating and control instruments are clearly laid out and user-friendly, and easily accessed from the comfortable seat with impressive legroom. The generous use of glass delivers perfect visibility for working and manoeuvring. The third control circuit is integrated in the joystick, with no need to change the handle to operate the additional control circuit.
    Switch bar and electric plug
    Multifunction joystick
    cup holder & battery switch




    The new Kubota motor offers the highest possible torque in its class and is unique in the market of these loaders due to an electronically regulated drive – SPT or ‘Schäffer Power Transmission’. The drive is adapted to the torque of the diesel engine, for a multitude of advantages: operating costs decrease as the diesel fuel consumption is reduced. Hill starts are a lot easier as the start-up assistant helps prevent the vehicle moving backwards.

    The optional potentiometer acts as a cruise control. The loader keeps a constant speed automatically and independently from the motor speed – especially convenient when working with fodder dosing devices, straw distributors, mulchers or brooms.

    Additionally, there are several new safety functions, for example protection from overheating and motor over-revving protection, making working with the loader safer and more reliable. SPT is standard on the 3650 T, 3650 T SLT, 4670 T, 5680 T and 8620 T and is available as an option for the 9600 series.

    § Higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduced operating costs
    § Extra safety functions including overheating and over rotation protection to make the loader safer and more reliable
    § ’Start up assistant’ to make hill starts easier
    § Different parameters for different drive characteristics
    § Optional potentiometer that works to maintain a constant speed regardless of the motor speed. This is particularly useful when working with feed dosing units, straw spreaders, mulchers or brooms (using pedal control on 8620 T, 9640 T and 9660 T)
    § Greater agility and more driving fun!


    Delivery rate: from 64 l/min
    Operating pressure: 220 bar

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