Hektor Semi-Mounted Reversible Plough


With the Hektor, Amazone offers a semi-mounted reversible plough in 6 to 8 furrows and stepped furrow width adjustment from 38 to 50 cm. Designed for use under arduous conditions, yet easy to handle and adjust, the Hektor is a robust plough with a high level of operational reliability for tractors up the 360 HP class.

Amazone Hektor Semi-Mounted Reversible Plough

Main Specifications

  • 6, 7 or 8 furrow
  • For tractors up to 265 kW/360 hp
  • Strong beam, dimensions 150 x 150 x 12 mm
  • Standard with hydraulic front furrow width adjustment
  • Shear bolt stone safety release or hydraulic stone safety release
  • Efficient and robust semi-mounted reversible plough with high operational reliability
  • The standard hydraulic front furrow width adjustment ensures a constant optimum plough profile
  • Outstanding wear properties and easy pull of the plough bodies due to the unique ©plus hardening process
  • Wide variety of suitable plough bodies for all applications and conditions
  • Smooth and material protecting turnover procedure thanks to the turnover mechanism with hydraulic end position damping
  • The substantial support wheel ensures an exact depth control and the optimum soil structure protection
  • Maximum safety and comfort in the transport position due to the standard suspension of the wheel
  • Rugged plough beam with the option to extend it by one furrow
  • Shear bolt leg components create the highest release forces for the most arduous of soil conditions
  • Hydraulic NonStop stone safety device with a spacious lift height and additional shear bolt
  • Features

    Amazone Hektor Semi-Mounted Reversible Plough 2
    Robust beamThe back bone of the plough is the robust 150 x 150 x 12 mm beam. The 100 cm point to point clearance between bodies and the 82 cm beam height ensure good material passage even where large amounts of plant mass prevail. With the mechanical, stepped furrow width adjustment offering 38, 42, 46 or 50 cm, the Hektor can be matched to differing situations with regard to both tractor and soil conditions.
    Gentle turnover actionThe new swing-arm system that forms the front connection between plough beam and turnover mechanism, ensures the maximum true track following and the optimum pull line of the combination. The turnover cylinders, with hydraulic end positioning damping, guarantee a smooth, sequenced turnover procedure for the plough.
    In combination with the tractorParticularly convenient is the parking position of the Hektor in its transport position. As the tilt adjustment does not have any influence on the position of the lower link cross shaft, the coupling and uncoupling of the plough on and off the tractor is particularly comfortable. The lower link cross shaft is, from choice, available in either Cat. 3 or Cat. 4N.
    Plough adjustmentThe very comfortable adjustment of the plough enables consistently excellent working results. In addition, a plough which has been optimally adjusted reduces the fuel consumption as well as the wear. Hektor is adjusted in three convenient and easy steps without the use of tools.
    The ©plus tempering processAs manufacturers of wearing parts for the soil tillage industry, AMAZONE can look back on a history spanning decades. Continuous advancements in materials and production techniques, as well as our know-how in heat treatment, lies behind the plough wearing metal parts of the highest quality. Carbon in its purest form, diamond, is the hardest material nature has to offer. A hardening process involving the introduction of carbon into the steel is used to increase the hardness and durability of ©plus wear parts. AMAZONE achieves, through this unique hardening process, an extremely high level of hardness on the face of parts such as mouldboards and so offers the optimum wear resistance. The reverse side remains relatively soft but at the same time extremely tough and impact resistant.
    Box section beams made of high-grade steel for a long service lifeAll the beams on AMAZONE ploughs are produced from a special high-tensile steel. The over-sized wall thickness means that, not only is the whole beam robust, but also all the bolt fixings are extremely strong with this heavy wall thickness also preventing any hole elongation or deformation of the box section around the bolt fixings. A further feature of the ploughs is the design of the plough beam without any weld seams.
    Mechanical stone release with shear boltThe shear bolt is the proven standard solution. Under load, the shear bolt snaps off at the predetermined breaking point and the plough body gives way to the obstacle by swivelling upwards. Raise the plough, insert a new shear bolt and off you go. The high release forces of the shear bolt allow operation also in heavy and hard soils.
    Cayros S and Hektor S with NonStop stone safety deviceThe hydraulic NonStop stone safety release features, in principle, one hydraulic cylinder per plough body with each one directly connected to a nitrogen-filled hydraulic accumulator. When triggered, the plough body pushes a piston into the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its initial position after passing the obstacle.
    Exact depth controlThe large-dimensioned support wheel (500/45 – 22.5) means an optimum ground drive and the exact depth control; even under the most arduous of conditions. The scraper reliably cleans the wheel. The support wheel is positioned to the side of the frame so that ploughing close up to the field border is possible. The standard hydro-pneumatic suspension of the support wheel provides maximum safety and the highest comfort on the road.
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