D9 6000 TC Combi trailed seed drill


Performance and precision with a 6 m working width

The D9 6000-TC “Combi” trailed seed drill is perfect for precise single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing of cereals, pulses and grasses.
It is efficient and ideal for comparatively small tractors with low lifting power thanks to its ease of pulling and compactness with a working width of 6 m.
High surface area coverage is guaranteed with a tank capacity of 2,800 l for fertiliser and seed and working speeds of 15 km/h.

Amazone D9 6000 TC Combi trailed seed drill

Main Specifications

  • Easy pulling and compact design and thus ideal for linking behind comparatively small tractors with little lift capacity
  • Large hopper, divisible for seed and fertiliser, ensures high acreage outputs
  • Separate Vario gearboxes for seed and fertiliser allow a quick and stepless adjustment
  • Lengthways transport system with 2.75 m transport width for more safety on the road
  • Safe and comfortable conditions when filling thanks to the wide loading board
  • Comfortable operation via hydraulic track markers and electric switch over of the tramline rhythms
  • Can be combined with GreenDrill 200 seeder box for sowing catch crops and for reseeding grass
  • Features

    Amazone D9 6000 TC Combi trailed seed drill 2
    Sturdy track marker for D9 "Combi"Hydraulic cylinders move the track markers of the D9 "Combi" from the working position to the vertical idle position. This enables sowing to be carried out at field boundaries and allows obstacles to be negotiated. When the track markers are switched over, the tramline controls continue to operate, in order to create tramlines at the desired speed. The track markers are protected from damage by shear bolts.
    The lengthways transport systemThe optional lengthways transport system enables the machine to be easily converted for road transport with a transport width of 2.75 m. A Category 2 or Category 3N lower link rail for the D=50 drawbar eye as well as an adapter kit are required for road transport within the EU.
    Metering systemThe metering of the D9 "Combi" has been further optimised with regard to throughput characteristics and longitudinal division. This is achieved by a combination of the 80 mm diameter Control seed wheels working in conjunction with the newly designed bottom flap and metering housing.
    High-precision metering and calibration with VarioControlSeed rates from 400 kg to just 3 kg per hectare can be metered with the highest precision via the infinitely variable, smooth-running Vario-gearbox. It goes without saying that all seed types, from rape, gras and cereals to peas and beans are also metered with the same degree of accuracy. The stepless and smooth Vario-gearbox is maintenance-free and easy to operate. The agitator shaft can be disabled by pulling out a spring cotter for planting rape seed. The mac
    Seed embedment with the RoTeC Control disc coulter for conventional and mulch sowingRoTeC Control coulters are maintenance-free and work extremely well yet with little wear and tear. Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won’t block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed control. The elastic polyurethane disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately controls the pre-set sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.
    Quality and reliability throughout:Sowing disc of high-strength boron steel
    Shallow angle of inclination for reduced soil movement
    Wear resistant polyurethane disc acts as an adjustable depth guidance disc and for cleaning
    The large clearance between the front and rear rows of coulters ensures a blockage-free sowing operation, even where large amounts of straw prevail. With only one cutting disc per coulter, AMAZONE ensures a blockage-free material passage between the coulters, even at a 12.5 cm row spacing at high speed.
    RoTeC+ Control for the toughest applicationsAMAZONE has developed the RoTeC+ Control coulter for sowing in especially large fields and for the toughest operating conditions. The disc was enlarged to a diameter of 400 mm and is made of 4 mm thick hardened Boron steel. In this way, the wear is kept to a minimum and an already long service life is further extended.
    Electronics for more precision!The AMALOG+ in-cab terminal enables you to regulate the tramline control and tramline marking. The creation of tramlines is checked via a sensor and the reprogramming of alternate tramline rhythms is easy to implement. The display shows you the working positions of track markers and tramline controls, as well as the surface area seeded and the fill level of the seed or fertiliser hopper.
    Comfortable operationTwo computer alternatives with varying levels of operating comfort are available for controlling the machine. The seed shaft and blower fan can be switched and the speed of the seeding shaft can be set in the basic version 3.2 of the on-board computer. The on-board computer also offers a selection menu for support of the calibration test and for display of the forward speed, the worked area and the working hours in the comfort version 5.2. The seed shaft speed automatically matches the varying forward speeds when this on-board computer is connected via the 7-pin tractor signal socket.
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