Primera DMC


Precision and speed when
Direct sowing, Mulch sowing and Conventional sowing

Working speeds of up to 18 km/h, parallelogram-guided chisel openers, wear-resistant chisels and hoop rings, with Exact harrow and Roller harrow

With the new generation of Primera DMC seed drills – in 3 m, 4.5 m, 6 m, 9 m or 12 m working widths – AMAZONE is offering an outstanding machine for cost-effective crop establishment over large areas. This versatile large area seed drill, in combination with the chisel openers which have been tried and tested 100,000 times over, is used with great success for conventional, mulch and direct sowing.

Amazone Primera DMC

Main Specifications

  • Universal seed drill for conventional, mulch and direct sowing
  • Intelligent hopper and seed conveying concept for the flexible application of seed and fertiliser
  • Large hopper capacity of up to 13,000 l for high outputs
  • Easy filling thanks to the large hopper opening – high performance filling augers are available as an option
  • Optimum field emergence due to the exact depth control and clean furrow clearance by the chisel openers
  • Little soil movement due to the narrow chisel opener – reducing the evaporation losses and making the machine easy to pull
  • Maintenance-free bearings on the depth guidance rollers
  • Easy operation and control via ISOBUS (optional)
  • Easy adjustment of the seed rate, also automatically during operation, in conjunction with the electric metering drive
  • Thanks to the TwinTerminal, easy calibration down at the machine is possible
  • Features

    Amazone Primera DMC 2
    High level of flexibilityIn addition to sowing cereals, up to three different materials can be applied in one pass with the Primera DMC depending on the model, e.g. seed and fertiliser in the single- shoot process. Different seed types can also be combined.
    The soil is protected from drying out due to the soil tillageSowing catch crops directly into the stubble in autumn means: Stubble and straw protect the soil from drying out Reduced soil erosion Cost reduction due to less soil tillage Exploitation of the dormancy of the volunteer grains
    Speeds of 18 km/h are no problem70 ha/day at a working width of 6 m
    Dust collectorThe dust collector reduces the level of dust in the conveying system. This increases the reliability of the tramline control system in the event of heavy dust accumulation and reduces wear in the conveying system.
    Distributor headsAdvantages of the distributor heads: outside of the seed hopper in view of the tractor driver. Seed hopper clutter-free and easily accessible. Monitoring the seed-fertiliser flow in the transparent distributor head cover.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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