UG Trailed Sprayers


The 2,200 and 3,000 litre UG trailed sprayer is characterised by its robust and operator-friendly design. With the Super-S2 boom in working widths from 15 to 28 m, the UG is an extremely high output sprayer.

Amazone UG Trailed Sprayers

Main Specifications

  • High ground clearance, with rounded frame
  • Robust construction but lightweight design
  • Lightweight spray liquid tank with favourable centre of gravity made from glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Sprayer boom in superbly light, superbly strong and superbly compact profile construction
  • Outstanding boom suspension for a smooth boom ride
  • Efficient, maintenance-friendly, run-dry safe and self-priming piston diaphragm pump
  • Induction bowl with Power Injector, for quick, safe and accurate operation
  • Modern and operator-friendly valves
  • Features

    Amazone UG Trailed Sprayers 2
    Tough UG models – Greater robustness for a greater output UG 2200: 2,400 l actual volume with 280 l flushing water tank
    UG 3000: 3,200 l actual volume with 400 l flushing water tank
    Super-S2 boom: 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27 or 28 metres
    UG Special with a 250 l/min single pump
    UG Super with 370 l/min dual pump
    Robust, stable and reliableThe wide, profile steel frame, compact tank and the robust boom technology all contribute to the required reliability. All the edges are rounded off and all hoses are neatly routed inside the frame.
    Soil structure and crop saving travel Selecting the right tyres is of the utmost importance if the soil is to be protected during work. AMAZONE mudguards can be adjusted for the various tyre options. The mudguard equipment option includes a large canister holder to the right hand side as standard.
    Piston diaphragm pumpsThe piston diaphragm pumps are particularly reliable, protected when run dry and are safe for liquid fertiliser. The multiple-cylinder design of the pumps simultaneously ensures even delivery with a high suction power and smooth operation. The pumps are available with delivery capacities of 250 l/min (Special) or 370 l/min (Super). The 370 l/min pump setup is a tandem pump, where the spraying pump works together with a separate agitation pump. The tandem pump is ideal for farms with high application rates.
    Comfort-Pack for ISOBUS terminals – Operator- and environmentally-friendlyThe AMAZONE Comfort-Pack controls the most important functions of the liquid system.
    Automatic fill stop
    Agitator regulation
    Automatic, in-cab remote cleaning

    Depending on the fill level, the intensity of the hydraulic agitator is reduced until completely shut off to prevent foaming of the crop protection agent or to minimise the residual spray volumes. On AMAZONE crop protection sprayers the un-sprayed plant protection agent is delivered back via the return flow into the suction system. In this way, any unintended dilution of the spray liquid is prevented. 370 l/min agitation capacity is available to achieve a perfect result even with difficult tank mixes and high concentrations. The 2 interior cleaning nozzles provide an optimum cleaning performance in the tank. The Comfort-Pack automatically ensures that the agitation will be rinsed. Minute final residual volumes of less than 6 litres and the large fresh water contents ensure a very effective cleaning procedure whilst still in the field.
    Part-width section control | Individual nozzle controlElectrically-controlled TG valve chest
    The TG part-width valve chest with up to 13 part-width sections is available with ISOBUS control. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and dripfree via electric motor valves with pressure relief. The amount applied is accurately and directly controlled by the computer in all situations.
    Automatic part-width section controlIf the terminal is equipped with Section Control functionality, i.e. GPS-Switch part-width section control by AMAZONE, the part-width sections can be switched completely automatically depending on the GPS position. Once a field has been created, the driver can concentrate fully on operating the vehicle in automatic mode, since the part-width sections are switched automatically in wedge shaped fields and on headlands.
    Electronics | Terminals | SoftwareThe AmaSpray+ enables simple yet fully automatic control of the UG. Switches integrated into the operator terminal enable the control of 5, 7 or 9 part-width sections. The AmaSpray+ has a digital pressure display and a digital tank level indicator. It records the quantity applied and area worked. The hydraulic functions are operated using the spool valves on the tractor. The boom tilt and pendulum lock are also displayed in the AmaSpray+. As an option, AmaSpray+ enables one-sided folding of the boom or, alternatively, control of the end nozzles. The AmaSpray+ operator terminal with a serial interface can also be used for automatic documentation (ASD) and part-area, site-specific application.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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