EasyCut 6210CV


Mid-mounted drawbar, two mowers with conditioner

A 6.20 m working width and a central drawbar make EasyCut 6210 CV one of the most effective trailed mowers on the market. These machines stand out for superior efficiency, maximum stability as well as an advanced level of specification and operator comfort. The CV tine conditioner produces best quality forage.

Krone EasyCut 6210CV

Main Specifications

  • mid-mounted drawbar
  • 6.2m (20'4") working width
  • 2.99m transport width
  • standard cutterbar
  • 10 discs, 4 top hats
  • Standard SafeCut cutterbar protection
  • standard Quick-change blades
  • Optional High-cut skids
  • V-Tine Conditioner, 64cm (25")
  • 600/900 rpm conditioner speed
  • 2x2.5m (2x8'2") conditioner width
  • 112 kW (150hp) tractor power
  • 1000 rpm pto speed standard, optional 540rpm
  • Air brake system, standard
  • Features

    KroneEasyCut 6210CV 2
    Take your pickEasyCut 6210 CV cuts to the right or left of the tractor. The changeover is straightforward indeed. Simply swing the drawbar to the other side as you do the headland turn and match up with the previous pass without mowing in beds. The tractor is not running in standing crop so that clean and loss-free cuts are guaranteed. This way you always use the machine to potential and, in combination with a front-mounted mower, at full work width. In sloping fields, it allows the tractor to work across the slope.
    Top-notch contouringTwo cutterbars in a staggered arrangement rather than one full-width cutterbar operate independently of each other and follow every ground contour.
    Cleanest sweepsThe offset cutterbars and overlapping blades give cleanest cuts both in undulating terrain and when travelling around bends
    DuoGripEach mower pivots in its centre of gravity and trails in a double frame. The ground pressure is maintained across the full work width and is controlled by adjusting the tension springs on the pivoting arm.
    Cutting height controlCranks set the cutting height steplessly and separately on each unit.
    Fast wiltingPivoting V-steel tines condition the forage across the full work width at 600rpm or 900rpm (mechanical gearbox). Optional deflectors are available to spread the material across the full width.
    In any directionThe mid-mounted drawbar swings hydraulically to either side of the tractor. The double acting ram gives dependable control even in the most difficult conditions.
    Time is moneyAlthough high work rates are the priority for contractors, travel time is another important cost factor. The EasyCut 6210 CV is a swift road machine that travels at 40 km/h. The robust running gear with air brake system and the large-diameter wheels translate into excellent road safety and operator comfort. The large warning panels and road lights provide safety at dawn and at night.
    Turn on the spotThe swivel-head gearbox (1,000rpm) on the two-point headstock provides the flexibility to turn through 90° and larger angles while the main universal shaft does not move, allowing drive power to flow vibration-free to the cutterbar.
    Direct drivelineThe position of the gearboxes on the machine allows using short driveshafts. As a result, the driveline is vibrationfree and there is nearly no wear at all.
    Light treading and easy pullingThe EasyCut 6210 CV models run on oversized wheels and 500/45-22.5 tyres in standard configuration. These have proven best in soft terrain.
    Wide work widths or narrow transport widthsIt takes just a few seconds to swing the machine from work into transport position and vice versa. There is no need to leave the tractor. It does not take a sophisticated system to control the semi-mounted chassis and its hydraulic ram. A 2.99 m transport width and 15.0/55-17 tyres ensure this highcapacity mower provides superior rides without requiring special permission for public roads.
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