Swadro 1010


Raking nearly 20 metres (65’7″) into one double windrow, the KRONE Swadro 1010 is the ideal match for a high-capacity precision-chop forage harvester. Offering stunning work rates of up to 10 ha/h, this machine is the performance booster of your harvest chain. Running on a wide wheel base and steered via an Ackerman system, this high-capacity rake offers an enormous agility and very easy maneuvering.

Krone Swadro 1010

Main Specifications

  • 9.70 m (31'10") work width for highest work rates
  • Height control via electric servomotors
  • Transport running gear for high operator comfort
  • Cardanic suspension for optimum contouring
  • The KRONE Jet Effect
  • Features

    Powerful and maneuverable

    KroneSwadro 1010 2
    Work Height ControlAs conditions vary within one field it is essential to adapt the working height instantly. In this case, the driver operates weather-proof electric servomotors from an electric control box.
    Ground Hugging RotorsCombining a Tridem running gear and a cardanic rotor suspension system results in cleanest rakes in undulating terrain as well. The front wheels are connected by track rods and give excellent castering in tightest turns.
    Ackerman SteeringOptimum castering and excellent manoeuvrability. The wide transport running gear runs on oversized tyres (15.55 - 17 IMPL 10 PR) that give stability and protect the sward.
    Perfectly orchestrated rotorsRaking 9.7 metres (31'10") into one windrow takes a machine which has all its components working in full sync. Therefore we designed Swadro 1010 which uses rotors of different diameters and speeds. The leading rotor has 10 tine arms whereas the rotors in the middle and at the rear count 13. At the same time, the leading rotor and the rotor in the middle spin at higher speeds than the unit at the rear – a detail that results in a smoother crop flow. Each tine arm on the lower-speed rotor carries 5 double tines which deliver the necessary vigour to handle those masses of crops and form the windrow.
    Fast travel at 40 km/h (25 mph) and a 3 m (9'10") transport widthThe three rotors change quickly into transport position. The central rotor measures less than 3 m (9'10") in diameter and so its tine arms are not folded to achieve a good transport height.
    A perfect harvest chain at 9.70 m (31'10")The tractor will not run on the crop but in the wheelings of KRONE's BiG M 420 high-capacity mower conditioner.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
    for the engine specs - Ken
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity


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