Swadro 38T, 42T, 46T Single Rotor Rake


Trailed single-rotor rakes

All Swadro models offer a high-quality build that is able to cope with the most arduous conditions and applications. Innovative and practical, these KRONE machines provide a superior quality of work and unique longevity. Swiftly and efficiently, they tailor the windrows to the following harvester and deliver a clean and loss-free rake in the most difficult conditions.

Krone Swadro 38T, 42T, 46T Single Rotor Rake

Main Specifications

  • Working Width: 3.8-4.6m
  • trailed; parallel-linkage controlled drawbar
  • low power input
  • Standard tandem axle and flotation tyres
  • Stepless work width control for a consistently high-quality forage
  • Features

    Low power input

    KroneSwadro 38T, 42T, 46T Single Rotor Rake 2
    The drawbarThe parallel control on the height adjustable and pivoting drawbar eliminates any risk of the hitch ring seizing up on the linkage drawbar or pivoting drawbard. The hydraulic ram on the drawbar levels the rotor during liftout and lowering
    Lifting the rotors hydraulicallyThe rotors are lifted out hydraulically. These rakes offer a 500mm ground clearance courtesy of the tandem chassis and the special attachment of the hydraulic cylinder - the perfect configuration for crossing a swath without disturbing it
    Work height control Adjusting the work height is easy by telescoping and securing the box section arms with a pin
    The tandem axleThe tandem acle runs on standard 18" super balloon flotation tires. The threaded spindle adjusts the lateral tilt, which is useful in heavy crops. No blade of grass is left behind.
    The guage wheelFor smooth castering in tight curves, the Swadro 46T and 42T models have a leading guage wheel as standard (46T) or optional (42T). The height is easily set by refitting a pin
    Safe rides on public roadsThe side arms on the Swadro 46T fold up easily into a compact transport unit for safe travel on public roads
    Low power inputIt is not PTO power that limits the output of a single-rotor rake but the risk of too little load on the tractor's front axle when the machine is lifted out of work. The solution is the Swadro 38T, 42T, and 46T. These trailed models were designed for small and light tractors and work on slopes. The trailed Swadro models sstand out for their low tractor power input
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
    for the engine specs - Ken
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity


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