Swadro 710/26T Twin-Rotor


Featuring as many as 13 tines, the KRONE 710/26T twin-rotor side delivery rake not only offers excellent value for money but also the cleanest rakes. Swadro 710/26T forms single and double swaths as well as two narrow swaths side by side. Naturally it offers hydraulic work width control and swath width control by adjusting the main beam.

Krone Swadro 710/26T Twin-Rotor

Main Specifications

  • Single and double swathing
  • right-hand swath presentation
  • variable work width
  • Hydraulic crop deflector adjustment
  • 13 tine arms per rotor
  • Features

    KroneSwadro 710/26T Twin-Rotor 2
    Attaching to a pivoting or linkage drawbarThe drawbar - floating or linkage drawbar - is heigh-adjustable and the hitch ring is controlled by a parallel linkage. The hydraulic ram on the drawbar maintains the leading rotor parallel to the ground as it is lifted and lowered.
    The tandem axleA wide wheelbase with 18" wheels provides excellent contouring. The wide wheelbase of the front axle provides optimum stability in sloping terrain. The working height is adjusted the pin setting systems
    Adjusting the lateral rotor tiltClewan and loss-free rakes are the foremost goal which has to be achieved in heavy crop as well. Adjusting the rotor's lateral tilt is easy fronm this threaded spindle so that the rotors will also pick up the extra material that is building up on the curtain.
    Swathing all material to the right, forming one single swathThes is the swath presentation that suits high-capacity harvesters and light crops
    Shifting the rear rotors left/rightOperators can quickly shift the rear rotor to the side by operating a ram that also varies the work width when forming one single swath
    Swathing all material to the left, forming a twin swathThis mode of swathing is selected to tailor swath sizes to small harvester capacities and in dense and leafy crops and for making night windrows.
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
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    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity


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