Swadro TC and TC Plus


The TC centre delivery rakes stand out for producing exceptionally consistent windrows while working at extremely high rates, flexible work widths and maximum ha/h performance. These machines offer working widths from 5.7m to 10m (18’8″-32’10”)

Krone Swadro TC and TC Plus

Main Specifications

  • Swadro TC 640, work width: 5.70 m - 6.40 m (18'8" - 20'12")
  • Swadro TC 680, work width: 6.80 m (22'4")
  • Swadro TC 760, work width: 6.80 m - 7.60 m (22'4" - 24'11")
  • Swadro TC 880, work width: 7.60 m - 8.80 m (24'11" - 28'10")
  • Swadro TC 930, work width: 8.10 m - 9.30 m (26'7" - 30'6")
  • Swadro TC 1000, work width: 8.90 m - 10.00 m (29'2" - 32'10")
  • Features

    The flexible twin-rotor centre delivery rakes

    KroneSwadro TC and TC Plus 2
    The mechanical width controlIf specified with mechanical width control, the arms extend and retract as the operator turns a crank.
    Changing work widths hydraulicallyAll Swadro TC models have hydraulic working width control as standard specification (optional on TC640 and 760). The system comes with a large scale that helps the operators set the required position.
    Individual rotor lift-outThe rotors can be raised individually out of work, an option that brings great advantages in wedges, along boundaries and in low-yielding crops.
    The rotor suspension systemStrong coil springs transfer some of the weight to the main beam and the chassis as the rake is swathing along
    The manual height control systemAll Swadro TC rotors have their work height adjusted down to the millimetre. This is done on a crank which is arranged on the outside of the rotor for easy access. A large scale helps operators to read the current position.
    The electric height control systemThose who often use the rake in varying conditions will find it helpful to opt for the electric rotor height control system. This is standard specification on all Swadro TC Plus models. From the cab-based control box, operators control two servomotors which change the rotor height conveniently and accurately. This control box also displays the current working height and raises the rotors individually.
    The unique disturbing rotorTo disturb and aerate dry and light material, Swadro TC680 and 760 can be equipped with a new KRONE development - the distrubing rotor. This promotes uniform wilting and boosts the quality of hay and leafy forage such as lucerne.
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