Swadro TS & TS Twin


The trailed KRONE Swadro TS side-delivery rakes work at widths between 6.2m (20’4″) and 7.4m (24’3″) presenting the crop in single and double swaths. The Twin version forms twin swaths as standard specification. As a result, the machine covers work widths between 6.92m (22’8″) and 8.2m (26’11”).

Forming one single swath
The Swadro TS mdoels can be adapted to the crop conditions and the intake capacity of the following harvester. Single swaths are ideal in low-yielding crops and when using balers or forage wagons. The leading rotor spins faster than the unit at the rear, which eliminates roping.

Forming a double swath
Raking up two separate swaths in one up and down operation, Swadro TS covers a work width of up to 15m (49’3″). Double swathing is a very effective method to fully exploit the intake capacities of powerful harvest machines.

TS Twin for twin swathing
Swadro TS Twin has telescoping arms as a standard. An optional crop deflector is available to complement the twin swathing specification.

Quick changeover to twin swathing
Changing Swadro TS Twin from single swathing to twin swathing is easy and straightforward. Simply telescope the two arms to accommodate the second swath. Then fold down the leading crop deflector.

Easy-use crop deflectors
The curtain at the front is adjusted manually with the help of a spring whereas the curtain at the rear swings automatically into work position as the rotor lowers into work. It is also possible to adjust the rear curtain with respect to its work height, its alignment in direction of travel, and distance to the rotor.

Krone Swadro TS & TS Twin

Main Specifications

  • Swadro TS: Single swath presentation as standard
  • Swadro TS Twin: Single swath presentation or twin swaths as standard with telescoping hydraulic arms and front-mounted crop deflector curtain
  • Features

    KroneSwadro TS & TS Twin 2
    Rotor height controlAn optimum quality of work requires rotors that work cleanly, consistently and loss-free. It is possible to set the tine clearance separately on each rotor – either manually or electrically as an option, using servomotors.
    Manual rotor height controlEasy to-get-at cranks out on the rotors are base specification to adjust the rotors’ work height steplessly. A large scale indicates the current position and allows easy adjustment so that both rotors can be set very accurately and down to the millimetre.
    The electric height control systemIf varying conditions call for frequent depth changes, the electric control system may be a good option. The electric system is operated from a control box that is mounted in the tractor cab. From here operators control two servomotors which set the rotor height on the move and down to the millimetre and without any downtime.
    Consistent endsA hydraulic sequence control moves the leading rotor first and then the rear rotor into headland position. The hydraulic valves that are required to implement sequence control are controlled mechanically via a robust shift gate. Operators can set the delay between raising the front and rear arms.
    High-stability frame with generous clearanceThe use of large-diameter tubes gives the running gear and frame a particular strength. The high-clearance frame combines with the high rotor lift-out to raise the tines 50 cm (1'8") clear off the ground, leaving big windrows undisturbed.
    Side-mounted main gearboxes and coil springsThe two main gearboxes were moved clear away from the centre of the machine, which helps ensure smooth driveshaft running also in headland position. In work, strong tension springs shift the weight to the frame and the undercarriage, thereby taking load off the rotors
    Convenient transport heightThe machine folds to a transport height of less than 4 m (13'2"), with arms moving up hydraulically and the curtain on the side lowering automatically
    Choice of tyresChoose between two tyre specifications. All Swadro TS and TS Twin can be fitted with 11.5/80-15.3/10 PR (pic. 1) or 15.0/55-17/10 PR (pic. 2) tyres. The former provide good traction in softer soil conditions whereas the latter suit work in sloping fields. When folded into transport position, the machine measures a maximum of 2.90 metres (9'6") in width.
    A very nimble machineAll Swadro TS and TS Twin rely on a ball bearing that joins the two-point headstock to the frame. In turns, a rod controls the undercarriage’s Ackerman steering system, which gives the rake great manoeuvrability so it can enter awkward areas without shunting. No crop is left behind.
    Swift and safe travelThe great chassis stability gives all Swadro TS rakes excellent tracking even at higher speeds.
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