Precise spreading made easy!

Digital, mobile test kit for the simple  optimisation of lateral distribution


Instead of the test trays found in the normal mobile test kit, the  EasyCheck System consists of only 16 lightweight rubber collecting  mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones. The collecting mats  are positioned at specific distances away from the tramline. Then  the relevant tramlines are spread and the mats with the collected  fertiliser granules are photographed on the Smartphone. The App  now compares automatically how much fertiliser has been collected  on the individual collecting mats and calculates the ratio of the material found on each individual row. In cases where the spreading  result is not ideal, the App automatically suggests a correction for  the adjustment of the relevant fertiliser spreader.

Further information can be found in the EasyCheck operating instructions. You can download the app here. Supplement: Preferred devices for photo evaluation for Easy Check.

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