Welcome to DEUTZ-FAHR: New customer center completed.

From June, farmers and contractors will be able to experience DEUTZ-FAHR ARENA’s unique experience in the DEUTZ-FAHR ARENA: On a floor space of over 3,800 m², a completely new customer center was created in the record time of 10 months. FAHR to get to know each other extensively.

“With the DEUTZ-FAHR ARENA, we are taking a completely new approach to customer relations here at the Lauingen location,” explains Rainer Morgenstern, Commercial Executive Director Europe and spokesman for the management. “I am deeply convinced that customers who are hard on it “DEUTZ-FAHR tractors are designed to deepen and strengthen the brand loyalty of their customers by inviting them to the roll-out of their tractor” , Continued Morgenstern.

The entire complex includes a converted space of 38,000 m3. The two-storey building includes an exhibition hall, the DEUTZ-FAHR museum, a cinema, a DEUTZ-FAHR merchandising shop, a cafeteria as well as conference and training rooms. In addition, there is a generous test track where visitors can thoroughly test and learn the high-tech tractors from Lauingen. Also to the future customers was thought: a own children’s area is available to the small visitors.

But not only customer loyalty is the focus of the new building, but also the most practical tasks for the training of the European trading companies. For example, the new integrated training center for service and sales training will be able to train more than 3,000 trades workers per year.

Also the presentation of the traditional brand values ​​of DEUTZ-FAHR was thought. The specially designed museum shows the milestones of the company’s history from the first series-produced DEUTZ tractor, the MTH 222 from 1927. From the DEER of the 1930s, which began the mass mechanization of agriculture, as well as the famous post-war models of the D series. The series 05 and 06 and the first DX and Agro models have also found their place in a 600 m² museum. The permanent exhibition is rounded off by two Intrac models and an actor’s combine harvester. In a small multimedia corner, interested visitors can also browse the film and video archives of the brand and have the most beautiful films shown.

“The DEUTZ-FAHRARENA is optimally adapting to the design of the new tractors factory. Both building complexes now represent DEUTZ-FAHR’s “High-Tech Made in Germany” in an excellent way, “says Rainer Morgenstern. “In addition, the new infrastructure, with its modern presentation and conference technology as well as the integrated cafeteria with 120 seats, opens up many new possibilities for offering customers and guests a pleasant and interesting ambience. Every year we expect about 10,000 visitors, “says Morgenstern.




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