The new 2630 is a powerful 18.5 kW / 25 HP loader. It combines a high-pressure drive concept with an electronically-controlled autodrive. The 3-cylinder motor from Kubota has a 1.7 l cylinder capacity and direct injection. This combination makes the engine particularly high-torque and allows the engine speed to be reduced by 27% compared with the predecessor model. This enables significantly quieter operation and also reduces fuel consumption by 10%. Like the 2628 the 2630 operates with a high working pressure of 510 bar, the quantity of oil required for the drive and working hydraulic system is reduced, leading to improved efficiency and fuel savings. The loader reaches a top speed of 20 km/h. For this, a cardan shaft ensures power transmission to the front axle, guaranteeing high levels of thrust. New 6-hole axles further increase the efficiency and reduce fuel consumption due to their adapted transmission ratio.

Schaffer 2630

Main Specifications

  • Kubota D1703 4cl 25hp engine
  • 1445mm wheel base
  • width 1020-1300mm
  • height protection roof 2180mm
  • height cabin 2150mm
  • lifting height (tool pivot) 2800/3110mm
  • lifting capacity 1650kg
  • length with std bucket 3695mm
  • turning radius 1020mm
  • tipping load straight, pallet fork 895-1124kg
  • tipping load straight, bucket 1110-1381kg
  • tipping height 2090-2345mm
  • 20km/h
  • Engine


    The Kubota D1703 is a vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with a capacity of 30HP at 2800RPM. Featuring a built-in solenoid, low fan position and single side serviceabilty, the Kubota D1703 offers powerful performance, exceptional reliabilty and a long service life to meet almost any application.
    Schaffer 2630 Engine
    EngineKubota D1703 4cl 25hp engine
    in the ACF Repeater
    JET Engine fields
    for the engine specs - Ken
    DEF (AdBlue) Capacity

    Kubota’s E-TVCS indirect injection system provides high power output and torque backup in a compact package.
    Half-float valve cover and coated pistons offer lower noise levels than conventional diesel engines and provide reduced transmitted vibrations from the valve area for better noise characteristics.

    Kubota’s original casting technology protects the engine against heat load of high power density, providing superior endurance and reliability.
    Renowned for its exceptional reliability and long service life.
    Super glow system for shortening pre-heat time and quicker engine start-up in cold weather.

    Cab / Operations

    Schaffer2630 Cabin
  • adjustable steering column
  • hour metre, fuel control lamp
  • temperature indicator
  • Driveline

    Additional driving comfort and preformance is provided by High Traction Force (HTF) and Schäffer Power Transmission (SPT). HTF is an automatic thrust control system that allows the loader to deliver the highest thrust, even in high gear. This means manual downshifting is not necessary when driving uphill or into a pile.


  • hydrostatic four wheel drive with cardan shaft and automotive control
  • high-pressur drive HD-plus
  • hydraulic quick gear 20km/h
  • genuine Schaffer axle
  • combined oil cooler
  • multiple disc brake, maintenance free, service and parking brake
  • maintenance free articulated pendulum joint
  • quick-change frame SWH with hydraulic tool lock
  • The 2630 is the first machine in its class to use SPT – the electronically controlled drive from Schäffer, which has proved successful in the machines of the larger Schäffer series. Here the drive is adapted to the torque of the diesel engine. SPT gives a significant increase in machine efficiency, improved agility and offers the driver a number of new possibilities, including cruise control to keep the machine at a constant driving speed regardless of engine speed, which is particularly advantageous when working with feed dosing devices, straw distributors, mulchers or brooms. Also hill starts will become a lot easier as the start-up assistant helps prevent the vehicle moving backwards. SPT is standard on the 2630 , 2630 SLT, 3650, 3650 SLT and 4670.

    HTF, or ‘High Traction Force’, automatically regulates the thrust so the loader can supply the highest possible thrust even in a high gear. HTF uses a new axial piston-bent axis motor that regulates speed automatically depending on the traction. This is particularly useful in an uphill position as the driver does not have to switch to first gear.

    HTF comes into its own when digging into aggregate material - if more thrust is required, the hydraulic motor adapts automatically, without the driver having to interfere manually. This means most of the work can be done in fast gear, increasing driving comfort and speeding up work. HTF is standard on the 2630, 2630 SLT, 3650, 3650 SLT and 4670.


    § Very high thrust forces
    § No need to manually shift down a gear when going uphill
    § Even at high speed the maximum thrust is always
    available, e.g. when driving in muck heaps
    § Enhanced driving comfort, faster working


    Working hydraulics: 38 l/min, optional 42 l/min.

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